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Details On WWE Booking PPVs Differently Due To $9.99 WWE Network Price

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We're told the booking philosophies within WWE in terms of pay-per-view are shifting due to the price of the WWE Network only being $9.99.

According to a source, the feeling is they have a lot more leeway now for pulling bait and switch angles that typically would have only happened on television. However, with people only paying $9.99, the company isn't afraid of the backlash if there are non-finishes on pay-per-view.

One of the first examples of this new philosophy was Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose being announced but not taking place at WWE Battleground last month. We're told there was never a plan to do the match prior to SummerSlam and there's no way the company would have "pulled a stunt like that" when people were paying in excess of $50 for pay-per-views.

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