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WWE's Reaction To Brock Lesnar's Win, If He'll Fight For The UFC Heavyweight Championship, More

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Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

Vince McMahon was ecstatic about Brock Lesnar’s fight against Mark Hunt and proud that he got the win. Brock initiated his return by informing Dana White that he would like to fight again but Dana made it clear that Brock had to go through Vince due to his WWE contract. Vince gave it the OK because he felt it was a way to keep Brock happy, he’d be able to help control the opponent, keep an open relationship with UFC for talent exchange and help promote SummerSlam.

WWE liked Hunt as an opponent based on age but we’re told Shane McMahon played a part in researching him. Shane felt that Brock had a large reach advantage, which would stop Hunt from getting inside and attacking Brock. Shane also felt that while Hunt used to be one of the toughest guys to take down that Brock would be able to take him down at will due to an age deterioration of Hunt’s defensive skills.

Brock began training shortly after Wrestlemania 32 and as we previously reported, he received the largest purse in UFC history of $2,500,000. He’ll also get a share of the pay-per-view revenue and was paid an undisclosed amount of money from WWE.

Vince wants to get Brock on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Detroit to capitalize on the hype from UFC 200. It was not in Brock’s original dates to appear on the show and WWE couldn’t advertise him in case he lost, but the last we heard, Vince was working hard to make it happen. Lesnar’s match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam is going to create a difficult situation to book as Brock simply can’t lose and Orton is coming back only to lose.

Brock’s drug test samples were tested by the United States Anti-Doping Agency as far back as April. He was tested a total of eight times, including five times in an eight-day period.

As for Brock’s future in UFC, if Alistair Overeem beats Stipe Miocic for the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 203, then WWE would indeed let Brock fight Overeem for the title.

WWE will be allowed to show footage of Lesnar’s UFC 200 fight at this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

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