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WWE Catering To Top Star To Try & Convince Them Not Leave

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We reported last week here on Premium that Randy Orton hasn't been happy with the booking of his character lately and was pushing for time off. Given the lack of top talent, WWE has been reluctant to grant his request. One of the things they're trying to do to convince him to stay is to make him more of a priority.

An example of this is having Orton be the guy to write Chris Jericho off TV (as random as the feud was) and they had planned to feature him in the co-main event at WWE Hell in a Cell against Roman Reigns. The injury to Reigns destroyed the plans but WWE was scrambling on Monday to figure out his next program. It's also likely why he was put in the show's main event against John Cena, when a previous match against Dean Ambrose had been announced.

It will be interesting to see where they go with Orton headed into Hell in a Cell but keeping him close to The Authority is very much part of them catering to him as a top guy.

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