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WWE Cracking Down On Cigarette Smoking; Looking To Sign Big NJPW Star

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Young Randy Orton Smoking

There is currently more pressure than ever right now for WWE talent to not smoke cigarettes. We’re told the company is currently planning for anti-smoking campaigns and in NXT especially, if WWE finds out someone they're scouting is a smoker, it's made very clear that WWE strongly prefers that talent not smoke. We’re told main roster talent already know to hide it from Vince McMahon but aren’t really hassled about it otherwise. But in developmental they’re trying to make it part of the culture to highly discourage cigarette use.

WWE is very high un New Japan Pro Wrestling’sKenny Omega right now. We’re told plans are being made to sign him next year. NJPW is aware and worried because they know WWE can outbid them for anyone they want.

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