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WWE Considering Major Splits Heading Into 2016 Draft

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The New Day

There is a lot of debate in WWE right now about whether to split off any of The New Day guys on to their own sow and also, believe it or not, whether to separate Enzo and Cass onto separate shows.

With New Day, the talk is of splitting off Big E with a singles push on one show while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would remain as a tag team on the other show. If JoJo remains as Smackdown ring announcer, it is Big E's preference to end up on Smackdown regardless of whether it's as a singles or remaining with the rest of the New Day (JoJo is his girlfriend).

While there is some resistance to the split, those with that disagree with Vince McMahon have been speaking up more about Enzo and Cass as while it might be too soon to split the New Day, it's definitely too early to split Enzo and Cass. The issue though is that with the roster as thin as it is star wise, and now splitting things in two, Vince sees Cass and Big E as potential main event guys (much more Cass than Big E though) and wants to speed things up as the company is desperate. He does want them on separate shows though as he's been irritated a bit by having BIG E and BIG Cass, not enough to change either's name, but enough to prefer to have them on separate brands.

The two rosters are still way up in the air, with Vince changing his mind almost daily about who should go where, so the draft will definitely be interesting to watch.

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