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Why WWE Is Using Crash Cage, Heat On Big E, Miz’s ‘Sleeping With’ Line, Monster Push

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Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Mick Foley

- Vince McMahon has changed his mind a couple of times on Braun Strowman but by the time Monday rolled around, was ready to push him as the big monster.

- Here’s an interesting story we heard about WWE using the crash cage (which Chris Jericho will be in during the Royal Rumble main event). Mattel released a WWE crash cage set and it bombed. However, when the company used the gimmick with Paul Ellering at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, sales picked up and Mattel had suggested to WWE they do it again. You can check out how they used it on WWE Raw at this link.

- Big E caught heat for his comment on Charlotte Flair and it was edited out in repeat Raw airings. The line was improvised on his behalf and did not go over well backstage.

- The timetable on Mick Foley’s hip replacement surgery is late January/February so apparently he’s still set for television in the meantime. This has been a bit of a disaster as the word last week is that he would be off TV through the end of the year. However, he was called in to appear at Roadblock and of course worked this week’s Raw. He will be off television when he has surgery and is said to be in a lot of pain right now.

- One of the reasons for Mick Foley being called back could be due to Stephanie McMahon being on vacation and the company needed a Raw authority figure.

- WWE nearly went with the older Attitude Era style belts for the Raw Tag Team Championship but Vince wanted the titles to mirror the Smackdown belts for continuity.

- The Miz was definitely spoken to over his line to Renee Young about “sleeping with” Dean Ambrose even though the company tweeted it out on their verified Twitter account. At this point I don’t know if anything else will become of it.

- Another week of WWE 205 Live and another week of pessimism. The crowd exited in droves once again and they’re just not getting the kind of crowd heat they need for a show built around high spots and faced-paced athletic pro wrestling matches.

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