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Exclusive: WWE Creative Team Told To Come Up With Plans For A Major Star's Return - Who It Is & When It's Scheduled To Happen

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The WWE creative team has been told to begin kicking around ideas for the return of Rey Mysterio. While he was shooting for a return at SummerSlam, that doesn't appear as likely with the show only a week out. One of the delays in his return could be due to the health of his mother, not due to his injury status. Rey's mother has been in poor health but we're told it's been improving.

Mysterio is a guy that's hard to book because Vince McMahon often changes his mind on whether or not he wants to push him. However, despite McMahon's uncertainty, Rey is still a top merchandise seller [in WWE] even after a prolonged absence from television.

WWE told Mysterio when his mother was believed to be in grave condition to take as much time away as he needed. He is expected to return some time this year and the planning stages of his comeback have been made a priority.

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