More On WWE Delivering A Potentially Devastating Blow To TNA Wrestling

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I spoke with my initial source regarding the earlier report of the physical WWE Hall of Fame becoming part of the company's TV licensing negotiations with NBC Universal. I can confirm the reason that TNA Wrestling does not have any taping dates scheduled for Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is because of NBCU bringing the theme park into the negotiations.

WWE would not want their physical Hall of Fame in the place where TNA taped their television. This is why they requested exclusive access to the theme park last year but the park balked unless WWE agreed to tape a show there. It's unknown at this point if Universal still holds that demand as it sounds like the physical Hall of Fame could play a significant part in whether or not WWE agrees to a new deal with NBCU by February 14, 2014. If a deal isn't reached, WWE would be able to shop their domestic television across the board, further driving up their price.

My source noted this couldn't come at a worse time for TNA Wrestling. When they were forced to stop taping TVs on the road due to increased costs, they were hoping to return to Universal as a "hub" for their new #Impact365 initiative.

However, this was the company operating on little more than a hunch as no long-term agreement was in place for them to resume their lease at Universal Studios. TNA was confident a deal would be able to get done, however, it appears the aforementioned situation with WWE is literally blackballing them until WWE decides to accept or reject the NBCU proposal.

In the meantime, TNA will be forced to tape TVs on the road, including numerous shows on their upcoming European tour. We have the updated TNA TV taping schedule online at this link.

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