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Why No One In WWE Believes AJ Lee Is Pregnant; Update On Her Standing w/Company Brass, Paige Losing Support, Another Long-Time Diva Nearing A Push, Details On Aksana's Release, Emma's Future Described As "Questionable," Vince McMahon's 3 Favorite Divas

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As I mentioned here on, no one in WWE believes AJ Lee is pregnant and as far as the company stands, she isn't. As one source put it, CM Punk and AJ Lee are "two of the most aloof, distant, and loner people you could be around" and the notion they would be going around telling random people about a supposed pregnancy is hard to believe.

AJ Lee remains in great standing with Vince McMahon. Vince is high up on her and is also friendly with CM Punk. We're told Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are also fine with AJ but want to move on from Punk.

Paige is not held in high regard by McMahon. According to a source, he doesn't like her promo style and has pulled a number of pre-tapes that were scheduled to air. Triple H has a favorable opinion of her but even his interest has cooled recently.

A push for Rosa Mendes is not out of the question in the next few months. She's been given extra live event bookings so the company can get a better look at her before a possible push on TV. As noted, Rosa will be joining the Total Divas cast for Season 3.

Aksana was released from WWE because she fell out of favor with company management. The feeling was there were many Divas in NXT that were better and could easily replace her.

There's more doom and gloom in regards to Emma. Sources claim she's rarely discussed and her future seems "questionable" at best.

In general, the Divas are having a difficult time impressing Vince because he compares them all to AJ Lee and The Bella Twins. Those three are Vince's personal favorites on-screen and in real life as well. As a result, it's made it harder for other Divas to stand out.

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