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More On Batista Failing As A Babyface, Changes To Elimination Chamber Script, Problem Live On PPV, Reaction To 6-Man Tag Team Match, Up & Coming Worker Spoken To Over Spot

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Backstage news from WWE Elimination Chamber in Minneapolis…

- Vince McMahon was and has been upset with the crowd reactions directed towards Batista. We're told Elimination Chamber could have been his breaking point when extraordinary efforts to get Batista over as a babyface ended up failing. While most people will point to Batista's best run being his final three months with the company as a heel in 2010, Vince and Triple H wanted him back as a babyface. We're told Vince is "past upset" that it hasn't worked but following the pay-per-view, a tweak is seen as inevitable.

- The WWE Elimination Chamber script was finalized on Thursday and there were no changes or swerves. As I noted here on, the impromptu Divas Championship match was planned far in advance despite not being advertised.

- The elevator to the Bad News Barrett platform legitimately broke so WWE had to pivot with the podium on the stage. It wasn't seen as a big deal since they were able to script Barrett excusing it in one of the segments.

- The Wyatt Family and The Shield received rave reviews backstage for their "amazing" 6-man tag team match. We're told Vince McMahon loves the fact that all members of The Shield will do great on their own.

- Big E was spoken too about busting Jack Swagger out on his standing body splash but he didn't get heat.

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