Full Details On WWE's Bizarre Firing & Rehiring Of Emma - Who Made The Call To Reinstate Her After "Further Evaluation," Low Morale In WWE & The Company's Latest Day Of Complete Chaos

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Wednesday was described as chaos within in WWE. In addition to the embarrassing public firing and rehiring of Emma, the company dealt with a scare at their corporate headquarters where police responded due to a suspicious package that was received that contained an unknown white powder.

For those that missed our reports late Wednesday afternoon, WWE announced just over 48 hours after Emma was arrested for shoplifting at a Hartford, CT Walmart, that they had released her from her Performer's Contract. A couple of hours later, WWE announced they had reinstated her upon further evaluation. As I noted on Twitter, I'd never heard of WWE firing a talent only to re-hire them hours later.

To fully explain what happened, it should be noted morale within the company is already "super low" after the mass cuts a few weeks ago and talent still waiting for their Wrestlemania 30 payoffs. No one knows how the WWE Network is going to impact their pay-per-view bonus checks and with the company firing people again, everyone is on edge.

When dot com announced Emma's release, a lot of workers were furious. Most believed her story the incident was an accident and that she simply forgot to scan the item. True or not, the majority of the roster felt like WWE is just looking to fire people right now to cut costs and will use any excuse they can find.

So you had talent that was already on edge and now feeling like even the tiniest slip could result in termination, even a complete accident.

The outrage was loud and immediate to the point where Triple H made the call to rehire Emma.

However, in speaking with sources, the damage is done. There is complete mistrust right now between the lower and midcard guys in the locker room and the company. The checks for inclusion in WWE 2K14 were light, show bonuses haven't been good and there's a lot of paranoia about the future of pay-per-view bonuses.

The problem is, most of the workers impacted don't have anywhere to go, so there really isn't any recourse. However, Hunter ultimately felt it was worth rehiring Emma rather than adding fuel to the fire.

We're told it was Vince McMahon that thought the Emma gimmick has been a "total dud." Hunter isn't high up on her and Vince wanted her gone. Triple H was described as to being on the fence but didn't fight it, however, he quickly realized releasing her was a mistake.

It should also be noted that Emma, an Australian native, had been over in her home country promoting WWE's upcoming tour down under. With the company running three shows in Australia next month, they probably didn't want to deal with even more negative publicity there either.

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