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WWE Writers & Top Officials Hoping To Have A Plan For The Top Two Wrestlemania XXIX Matches Following SummerSlam - Latest Direction Vince McMahon Is Leaning & Scenarios To Set Them Up; Exclusive Update On The Future Of The Undertaker

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Richard's Backstage Blog

WWE officials hope to have a game plan for the top two matches at Wrestlemania XXIX following this Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view. I'm told the reason is they need a direction to go in towards Survivor Series through the rest of the year.

Whether Vince McMahon decides to do The Rock vs. John Cena II or Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, both scenarios call for Rock to go over the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. As things currently stand, whichever opponent Vince decides upon for Rock at Wrestlemania, would go over in the Rumble match. The problems are obvious with both Rock and Brock being part-time talent.

The big questions remain are with who is left out. If the company opts to do Lesnar vs. Rock, they are probably left with The Undertaker vs. Cena. If they do Rock vs. Cena II, then they likely do Lesnar vs. Undertaker. I'm told the company has toyed with the idea of Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania but Cena would be the odd man out. Logic would call for Brock vs. Undertaker and Cena vs Rock and the non-logical would be Brock vs. Rock. With new negotiations between WWE and Brock Lesnar, most believe if they get Lesnar for another year they will go for the "knockout blow" and the big buyrate and worry about everything else later.

Regarding the future of The Undertaker, I'm told many feel Wrestlemania will be his last quality match if not his final match of all-time. Despite feeling well, Undertaker's back and hips are an issue.

While the writers will have to work all this out soon and start planning for Wrestlemania, there are some who feel they are in the dark and Vince has already made up his mind.

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