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WWE Targeting TNA Champion Jeff Hardy?; Three More Names The Company Is Looking To Bring Back, Vince McMahon Criticized Over The Handling Of Mid-Card Talent/Ego Management

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WWE Targeting TNA Champion Jeff Hardy?

We're told WWE has sent out feelers to gauge the interest of TNA Champion Jeff Hardy about a possible return. The timing is interesting given the end of the TNA lawsuit and the fact Hardy's contract is up at the end of this month/beginning of February. While we were under the impression Hardy was expected to re-sign with TNA, we never got confirmation a deal was inked.

The motivation for bringing Hardy back has to do with the concern of the lack of top talent following the part-time work of The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Other names WWE has interest in include John Morrison, MVP and Chris Jericho.

McMahon Criticized Over Handling Of Mid-Card Talent

One observer inside WWE sees a major problem with the way Vince McMahon elevates mid-card talent. This person's problem stems from the fact as soon as a mid-carder gets over, they are pushed to the moon whether or not they are ready. Ryback was a name mentioned, who rather than getting a slow build to the top, has lost three title matches in two months.

Another issue is ego management, as was evident with Ryback voicing displeasure over Alberto Del Rio beating Big Show for the World title on Smackdown. While the feeling is the future is bright given the company's loaded developmental system, they remain in a state of transition and it's imperative how they handle it. This is another reason why guys with a lot of independent experience, with proven track records, are being hired over names that need considerable seasoning and development.

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