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WWE Looking To Insure The Rock For Match At Wrestlemania 32

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The Rock WrestleMania 32

We’ve worked diligently over the past week to get to the bottom of The Rock’s status with WWE with The Road to Wrestlemania 32 set to begin on Sunday. As part of that digging, we were able to gain some more insight as to why both WWE and Rock have been so vague about his involvement at the pay-per-view of the year.

It’s true the company insuring the Baywatch movie doesn’t want The Rock to wrestle. The movie starts filming late next month and won't be finished until after Wrestlemania. WWE purposely leaked this information to temper expectations and not look like the bad guys if The Rock doesn't wrestle.

However, the reason WWE is still working with multiple Wrestlemania lineups is because they still haven't given up on The Rock wrestling on the show. They've been looking into a way to solve the issue by trying to negotiate a situation where WWE would take out a different insurance policy that would reimburse Baywatch's insurance company in the event that The Rock is injured and production is delayed. It's a very complicated situation and WWE is running out of time to make a deal happen.

We’re told at this point it was 60/40 in favor of The Rock NOT wrestling, but there is still hope if WWE can get the insurance situation resolved.

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