WWE Loses Interest In Top Promotion, Vince & Triple H In Agreement & More

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Triple H & Vince McMahon at Gorilla

While WWE and Ring of Honor haven't had any new developments in terms of a sale, and both sides consider discussions to be dead at this point in terms of WWE buying the company, WWE has been in serious discussions with Progress Wrestling over in the UK about a buyout and WWE's interest in possibly acquiring Progress is part of why WWE lost interest in pursuing ROH at this time.

WWE is already financially assisting Progress and while no sale is imminent, a framework is being worked out where WWE would have the right to buy the company in the future at a pre-determined price if WWE's assistance ever reaches a certain point.

Vince McMahon and Triple H are in agreement that ROH's power can and has been largely neutered by NXT, but the UK market is a bit trickier and WWE feels it's better off propping up a native brand they can later buy rather than trying to bully everyone in the market.


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