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WWE Main Eventer Leaving Before SummerSlam, More On AJ Styles Calling Ric Flair A "Douche-Bag" & The Backstage Opinion Of Flair, Eric Bischoff's Influence, Why WWE Is Interested In Hiring A Former Controversial TNA Executive

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Chris Jericho stated at the Revolver Golden Gods awards that his current run with WWE is up before SummerSlam in order to tour with Fozzy.

- A lot of people have asked me how legitimate AJ Styles'"douche-bag" comment was regarding Ric Flair. While AJ can always claim he was working in the interview, there are several TNA workers and staff members that are not fans of Ric Flair. While he has a contract due to his friendship with Hulk Hogan and appeal to Dixie Carter, a lot of people feel Flair is only there for the paycheck and has no interest in helping the company grow. Flair has the reputation as being a problem on the road, showing up late, in an altered state and sometimes not even at all. There continues to be a clear divide between the top workers in TNA and mid-card talent as many are not fans of how things are being ran under the Hulk Hogan/Eric Bischoff regime. Bischoff's control is reportedly at an all-time high with programming reflecting as much.

- WWE is reportedly interested in hiring Terry Taylor as the head of their developmental project in Stamford, Connecticut. While little has been reports since the rumors of Florida Championship Wrestling's demise, the company is still looking to have some type of developmental presence in Connecticut.

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