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WWE Manipulates Crowd Reactions On This Week's WWE Raw That Likely Caused Commentary To Be Audible In The Arena; Details On Why & How It Was Done, Update On The Company's "Now Or Never" Prospect & A Likely Title Change At SummerSlam

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Crowd Reactions Manipulated on WWE Raw

Perhaps causing the commentary to be audible in the arena during Ryback vs. JTG on this week's WWE Raw, I'm told the "Goldberg" chants were killed by the company turning off the audience mics. They then piped in the "feed me more chants" to make it seem like Ryback drew a bigger reaction than he actually did.

As for JTG getting the match and his Twitter comments being made storyline, it's a double-edged sword. On one hand he got on television but on the other hand, it was a job to Ryback. For more on the office's response to JTG's Tweets, check out this exclusive update on a meeting held backstage at this week's Raw.

"Now or Never" for Antonio Cesaro

At this point Antonio Cesaro is seen as the favorite to beat Santino Marella for the WWE United States Championship in the SummerSlam pre-show match. I'm told the bout was originally scheduled for the pay-per-view, however, the thought of doing a title change on YouTube would help draw buzz.

As we noted previously, Cesaro is seen as a "now or never" prospect and if they plan to develop him as a viable main eventer, they have to begin the build now and focus on getting him over in a bigger way over the next year. The company is high up on the size, look and in-ring talent of Cesaro and feel they can get him over in a short time.

With all this being said, I'm not by any means confirming Cesaro over Santino for the title and can only report it was heavily talked about at this week's Raw. Plans change at the drop of the hate with Internet leaks being known to influence WWE's decision making.

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