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WWE Network Causes Major Issue In The Locker Room - One Top Name Furious, Another Refusing To Return

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There continues to be a lot of unhappiness in the WWE locker room regarding the change in pay-per-view bonuses. The issue is bonuses are much lower with the shift from traditional pay-per-view to the WWE Network.

We're able to confirm this is the money issue Batista is "furious" over. It's a situation where he was expecting to get paid a lot more and the company shifted without ever formally addressing it. This is also one of the reasons why Chris Jericho has refused to return.

Internally, WWE plans to stay the course. We're told the company believes there has never been a time in their history where a single guy means less than now that they have the WWE Network. The pay scale is going to undergo a major adjustment and if they lose talent over it, so be it. WWE is confident that most workers will just deal with it and adjust their expectations.

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