What WWE Is Telling People About The WWE Network In The UK, One CM Punk Story Making Rounds You Should Be Suspect Of, Backstage News On Roman Reign's Rising Stock Including What Those Close To Him Are Saying

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- A lot of our readers in the United Kingdom want to know how the new five-year agreement with BSkyB impacts plans for the WWE Network, the short answer is it doesn't impact plans. WWE says they plan to make the WWE Network available to people in the UK at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015. The plan all along was to renew their distribution agreement with BSkyB and that deal is finally done. I contacted a WWE spokesman on Thursday, asking if there was anything else they could tell me and was told the company was not making any further comment at this time.

- I posted a warning on my social media accounts on Thursday, explaining there is a lot of information about CM Punk and WWE being published that's speculation at best, misinformation at worst. I'm not making this claim for no reason. About 24 hours ago I received a strange email from an anonymous tipster, requesting that I post specific material in regards to the CM Punk story. While there's nothing to say this tipster didn't have valid information, there was nothing to prove it was valid either.

There are people that I speak with on a regular basis that I know and trust, which is how I am able to accurately break big stories. There are other times we receive tips and while we take all tips seriously, unless I can confirm the claim, I'm unable to post that information. The claim sent to me nearly 24 hours ago had a specific agenda and that agenda was to spin the CM Punk story as a situation between Vince McMahon and Triple H. I'm going to include the tip below and then explain why you can't take such information as fact:

I have information direct from someone who works for WWE and inside WWE HQ in regards to the current situation with wrestler CM Punk. I was told Vince McMahon and Triple H are now at odds. Vince not only wants CM Punk to return for Wrestlemania but for the longterm as well, and today has enlisted the help of Punk's girlfriend to try to cool him down and convince him to return. From what I was told Punk's girlfriend is the only line of communication right now between Punk and WWE. Triple H on the other hand I was told is enraged at Punk and wants nothing to do with him and is urging Vince to wash his hands of him. So, there is a disconnect there between the two. I have no information at all on Stephanie's opinion.

While the above seems like a plausible theory, it's still a theory. There's an agenda here and that agenda is take a situation that saw CM Punk leave after meeting with Vince McMahon and turn it into a side story of Triple H versus Vince McMahon. Is this person sending this tip because they want to help get the inside information out or are they sending this information out because this is the information they want out?

The truth is Punk is believed to have a better relationship with Vince than he does with Triple H. Punk said recently that he and Vince text one another and share the same trait of insomnia. Another source told me earlier in the week that Punk felt Hunter was playing favorites in his plans for Wrestlemania and because he wasn't considered a Triple H guy, he was getting a less than prominent spot on the Wrestlemania lineup. If anything at all, let this serve as a warning that until Punk speaks or he gives someone close to him permission to speak on his behalf, no one knows exactly what transpired.

- The word on Roman Reigns is he has been "like a sponge" working with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and has listened to everything they've told him about getting better. We're told Reigns has a great attitude where he respects Rollins and Ambrose because they've "paid their dues" and he has been willing to learn with a very humble attitude. I joked with one observer about how what Reigns has done on the main WWE roster has been particularly impressive because he didn't do anything in his time in developmental that stood out. The observer responded by saying, that's because he didn't.

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