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WWE Network Expected To Struggle - What WWE Is Doing To Prepare Investors & Potential Partners For The Worst

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We're told people in WWE are "absolutely thrilled" that "The Call" did so well at the box office last weekend. Not just people from WWE Studios, but even Vince McMahon himself felt it was a big boost to morale that maybe getting into the film business was a good idea after all and that their latest formula may work out.

However, there's another interesting element to this. One of the problems WWE has faced with not just shareholders but also with potential partners when it comes to the WWE Network is the feeling that it's just the latest in a long line of ventures outside of their core business that will ultimately fall flat (WWE Films, XFL, the World Bodybuilding Federation, etc). Both Vince McMahon and Triple H feel that the success of "The Call" could help change the perception that WWE can't find success in their new ventures and that WWE Studios being looked at in a more positive light could help in
potential deals for the WWE Network.

Ultimately it's unknown how much the box office success will help things, but it certainly provided many with a shot of optimisim.

Another part of this is that WWE has tried to prepare potential partners, as well as their shareholders the WWE Network could struggle out of the gate but are confident it will succeed eventually. It was stated in the latest investor conference call that anything under one million subscribers will be seen as an investment. We're told WWE will now be pointing to WWE Studios to show that while it got off to a rocky start, it did eventually find success.

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