Backstage News On WWE NXT Developing Into Its Own Brand, Update On Perspective WWE Network Show Based On Cruiserweights, New Talent To Be Signed Specifically For NXT With No Intention Of Using Them On Raw Or Smackdown?, Details On A Major Shift In Philoso

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WWE is very happy with how NXT is being received by fans and the numbers are encouraging in terms of the percentage of WWE Network subscribers that are checking it out.

Some of the concepts that had been pitched in the past for a potential show developed around cruiserweights on the WWE Network may now instead be incorporated into NXT. Although NXT is not new, it's new to a lot of fans and Triple H feels it could be confusing to try and launch two new brands with relatively unknown guys and they would rather put as much focus on NXT as possible.

One shift in philosophy that could result from this though is the fact that the cruiserweight show would have been a home for some talent WWE would normally not be interested in using on the main roster. Based on the past concept, the company would have brought in talent specifically for the high flying show with no intention of ever using them on Raw or Smackdown.

As NXT evolves with a larger audience, the plan is to scrap the cruiserweight show entirety and there is much debate internally as to whether NXT should end up as a home for some of the guys that had been on WWE's radar for the other show.

As one observer put it, the company has an interesting philosophical decision they have to make. Is NXT exclusively a place to develop new talent, with the ultimate goal of being called up to the main roster, or, now that so many more fans will be watching the show through the WWE Network, should it also be treated as its own brand? Especially if it features talent that would be a good fit in NXT, even if that talent would never fit in on Raw or Smackdown?

Nothing has been finalized, however, we're told not to be surprised if WWE signs a couple of the guys as an experiment to be utilized specifically on NXT with no intention of calling them up later on. As we noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, NXT’s primary focus will always be to develop future stars for television, however, it’s not the sole focus with the evolution of the WWE Network.

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