WWE Officials Looking To Replace AJ Lee As Raw GM; Who Are Possibilities To Replace Her & Why There Has Been Talk Of Taking The Role From AJ, How Vince McMahon Is Easing Triple H Into A Position Of Power With The "Final Say," Update On A Major Name That L

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Last week we reported on a proposed plan of Ric Flair returning to WWE by being paired with Dolph Ziggler. I'm told the idea stems from the fact there has been talk of wrapping up AJ Lee's role as General Manager and giving it back to Vickie Guerrero. This, of course, would leave a clear path for Flair to operate as Ziggler's mouthpiece.

There are those in the company that feel despite success this summer in her gimmick with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, AJ hasn't worked in the GM role as they had hoped. When replacements are discussed, Vickie Guerrero is a name that continues to draw a lot of support although there has also been talk of keeping her with Dolph and bringing Flair back as GM.

The constant in all the talk is replacing AJ Lee as the Raw General Manager. I'm told Triple H in particular feels AJ as GM has run its course and they need to go in different direction.

While Vince McMahon would typically be against any role that would frequently put a live mic in Flair's hands, there have been an increasing number of situations lately where Vince would typically object where he has been biting his tongue. This has occurred especially when Hunter is anticipating an objection from Vince. A few people have told us Vince is going out of his way to drop old grudges in situations where Hunter is a supporter of the guy in question as a sign of good faith that Hunter's opinion will gradually become the final say on matters.

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