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WWE Planning To Raid Ring Of Honor Roster Like They Did With NJPW

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Triple H & Vince McMahon at Gorilla

There is a lot of talk right now about WWE putting plans in motion for their long talked about raid of Ring of Honor in January when so many ROH guys have their contracts expire.

The Young Bucks are number one on WWE's list, but in addition to the ROH talent WWE wants to go after, WWE is also looking to increase what ROH has to pay guys. Obviously WWE can afford to get
anybody they want, but WWE doesn't want to upset the NXT pay scale too much, while on the other hand, they are determined to make ROH have to pay as much as possible to keep their guys.

Top ROH pay has increased quite a bit the last three years as ROH has been forced to "up the ante" to keep guys. This is by design from WWE who wants ROH to be as expensive and inconvenient for Sinclair as possible. But definitely expect WWE to make a major play for at least a handful of ROH guys in January.

Triple H feels NXT has been in a bit of a lull since the Cruiserweight classic and wants to amp things up in 2017.

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