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Hulk Hogan Rumored To Guest Host Wrestlemania XXX - Exclusive Details On How WWE Plans To Utilize Him Moving Forward

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We're able to confirm the current plan is for Hulk Hogan to "guest host" Wrestlemania XXX, a gig similar to what The Rock did when he returned a few years ago.

Another thing WWE is working on is giving Hogan at least one original series on the upcoming WWE Network, if not more. As we've reported previously, the main reason WWE is so interested in him is his ability to entice lapsed fans to subscribe to the service. One project being pitched is the "History of Hulkamania." The show would air weekly and would feature Hogan as the host. The idea is he would talk about a match or a moment from the tape library and add his commentary. According to a source, WWE is hoping to secure interviews with Hogan's opponents from the past and incorporate them into the show as well.

There are other ideas being kicked around and nothing is set in stone. We're told there is still a lot of debate as to how much time WWE should spend repurposing the old footage as opposed to simply digitizing and uploading old shows "as is."

The debate is, how many fans will want to watch "specials" about old shows or old matches as opposed to simply watching the old shows and old matches. WWE really has to decide the best way to devote their resources as only a small percentage of their tape library has been digitized.

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