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WWE Raiding NJPW After Private Negotiations Were Made Public

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There have been talks, off and on, since WWE Network launched, to put some New Japan Pro Wrestling content on it. WWE didn't want New Japan airing on AXS anymore if they were going to pay to put New Japan on the network. A few months ago, when NJPW went public about WWE's desire to have NJPW on the network, WWE was furious. At that point, WWE ended talks and began putting together plans to pick apart NJPW, neuter their ability to compete in the US as well as try to compete with them more in Japan.

When NJPW started to get the cold shoulder from WWE, they had no idea WWE was going to start going after their talent, but realized they had damaged relations by going public about the negotiations with WWE. NJPW tried to re-establish communication and even inquired about putting together a deal to air Wrestle Kingdom on the WWE Network. WWE basically ignored them at that point.

It became full speed ahead to get the WWE Network launched in Japan, which happened earlier this month. WWE grabbed Mauro Ranallo for Smackdown to take him off of the AXS show and they hope to sign at least a half dozen NJPW wrestlers very shortly to not only make NJPW less marketable in the US, but also, to make WWE Network far more marketable in Japan.

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