Top Up And Coming Talent In WWE Critiqued For Work On This Week's Raw - What They Did Wrong & Do They Have Backstage Heat?

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We're told Paige was critiqued for two things on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. While both things were viewed as "head scratchers," she does not have heat for either one.

First, Paige removed her jacket before entering the ring to cut her promo. This was viewed as an instinctual reaction, however, one talent is taught to avoid since it gives away that a match is imminent. Under these conditions, she was supposed to wait until after the referee hit the ring to start the impromptu match before taking it off.

The second thing mentioned to us was that Paige paused and looked to AJ Lee for help during the CM Punk chants. It wasn't the pause that drew critiques but when she looked to AJ for help that garnered her a negative reaction. One observer pointed to the fact that Vince McMahon "hates it" when talent looks lost, be it in a promo or during a match. He believes that all talent on the main roster should be able to react quickly on the fly, especially on live television.

As stated, Paige doesn't have heat for either but the critiques made it to us. There does continue to be a disconnect with Paige as to why she is appearing so inexperienced and making so many rookie mistakes. While she is a rookie in terms of being a WWE Diva, she's someone that grew up around the business, was highly successful in NXT and was called up under the assumption she was TV ready.

So far, she's been seen as far more green than company officials were anticipating.

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