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Internal Criticism Of This Week's Raw, Vince McMahon & WWE Creative Team At Odds Over Wrestlemania 29 Lineup, Latest Backstage Opinion Of Big E Langston

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Richard's Backstage Blog

- We're told the final segment of this week's WWE Raw was criticized for not thinking long-term and going with a short-term payoff. For those that missed the holiday show, you can read full results online at this link.

- Things are split right now between Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team regarding the direction of Wrestlemania 29. The goal was to have at least the top four matches finalized by Christmas and it just didn't happen. The card continues to be blown up on a weekly basis.

- The general opinion of Big E Langston right now is that he is "lost in the shuffle" on Raw. At this point he is nothing more than a secondary character and while it doesn't mean he is doomed, there was hope he would be able to get over more.

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