WWE Creating A New Role Specifically For Ric Flair - Backstage News On A Major Change In Direction

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Ric Flair

Prior to the problems WWE had with Ric Flair over SummerSlam weekend, there was a new position being created for him. In addition to filling the role as a "good will ambassador" for the company, Triple H was hoping to use his friend as an "elite level polisher" for developmental talent.

Basically, WWE wanted Flair to work with a few NXTers on main event psychology and promo work. We're told the idea was for talent labeled the most impressive to have one on one time with Flair. One of the things Triple H is looking to change more and more in the coming years is having more of the promos and interviews being in the voice of the performer. This means scripting them less heavily and focusing more on giving the talent general goals and messages to convey, as opposed to memorizing scripts.

This is something seen as a gradual transition with some talent not being trusted in that role and being more heavily controlled. Obviously the better talkers will have more freedom.

So it's Flair that is being tapped as "coach" for this transition but it could have been delayed due to heat accumulated at SummerSlam Axxess. The heat is expected to blow over (if it hasn't already) and Flair is expected to land the position created for him.

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