One WWE Star Many Are Ready To Write Off Being Considered For Main Event Matches At Royal Rumble & Wrestlemania, What's Stopping Bill Goldberg From Agreeing To Return, Mind Boggling Creative Plans That Are Sure To Blow You Away

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We confirmed on Monday that WWE is indeed in negotiations with Bill Goldberg about working Wrestlemania XXX next year, also noting that Vince McMahon was so frustrated with not getting his way [with Wrestlemania bouts] that it was starting to bleed over into talks with Goldberg.

We're told the gap in money between the two parties is said to be within reason and WWE thinks they'll be able to get a deal done in terms of finance. However, there are issues on the creative end.

While some people will think Bill wouldn't want to lose, we're told that's not the issue. Goldberg wants a lot of money but nothing considered to be outrageous. Bill knows he'd be brought in for a potential loss to Ryback. That's not the issue.

When negotiations started, the idea was that Bill would be brought in as the babyface. He wanted a finish that would allow him to save face in some way even though he was ready and willing to be pinned by Ryback. The issue is that Vince has been considering turning Ryback babyface and wanting Goldberg to come back a heel. So far, that's been a major sticking point.

We're told Goldberg doesn't want to be a heel and right now, he's saying it's a deal breaker. Our source is unsure if more money could convince him to change his mind, however, some fear Vince is determined on Ryback being the babyface.

There is some talk of Ryback, as a babyface, facing Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble and if they go that direction, the plan would be for Lesnar to go over and then face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30. This would setup the aforementioned Ryback vs. Goldberg bout with Ryback going over.

Richard Reacts: This is one of the more mind blowing stories I've ever written. It took me a couple of days to get all of this together before I ran it but wow. There are multiple things that surprise me here. First, I'm surprised to hear Goldberg and WWE are close in terms of money. Second, I'm surprised to hear the plans involve Ryback. While this information was given to me before this week's TVs, you can clearly see WWE still wants fans to buy Ryback by having him Shellshock Big Show. Yes, the fact Show pinned Ryback was seen as a dig of "what could happen" but he's still in their plans as of now. I'll be very interested to see if this happens. Goldberg returning to WWE is one of those things I've said I'll have to see it to believe it but now everyone I speak with is telling me the two parties are very serious.

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