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WWE "Scared To Death" Heading Into Brock Lesnar's Fight At UFC 200

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Brock Lesnar

When UFC found out their main event for UFC 200 was ruined with Jon Jonesbeing unable to fight, they were willing to give Brock Lesnar extra money to make his fight against Mark Hunt a five round fight. Brock was interested as he’s all about trying to maximize his earning potential. But WWE is already very worried that he might lose on Saturday and they’re “scared to death” about him possibly getting knocked out. They didn’t want a longer fight under any circumstances and said no immediately to any thought of it being changed to five rounds.

This is the first actual involvement from WWE that we’ve been told about regarding Lesnar vs. Hunt at UFC 200. While we’ve made it very clear that without WWE’s backing this fight wouldn’t happen, we haven’t been able to confirm many specifics as the entire deal has been kept very hush-hush. Remember how mad Dana White got at Ariel Helwani for breaking the news in the first place.

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