WWE Set To Announce Big Release Soon

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Vince McMahon

The current plan is for WWE to announce the release of Alberto Del Rio by sometime next week. It's an interesting situation as his suspension will not be up until September 17, 2016 as he was suspended the 17th of August for 30 days following his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy after testing positive for amphetamines.

TNA Wrestling is ready to make a play as they want to bring Del Rio in ASAP. Remember, they had earmarked money for him prior to his latest WWE return in 2015 but he chose to take WWE's offer instead. So far, Del Rio hasn't shown much interest as the money TNA is offering is less than what they were offering last year. Things are very tight in TNA right now.

One source stated if TNA knows for sure Team 3D isn't returning, the offer to Del Rio will be increased. So it it could be a waiting game. TNA knows they need some more star power but it's not going to be easy to get it given current financial constraints.

When WWE announces the release of Del Rio, it will be the end of a disappointing return to the company. WWE brought him back last October to help them perform better amongst the Latino demographics. They had been looking for a Latin star for quite some time and gave Del Rio a large downside and the promise of a big push (his first match back was a surprise victory against John Cena for the WWE United States Championship).

But things went south in a hurry. Triple H and Del Rio often butted heads, as Hunter felt Del Rio was constantly disrespecting him. Hunter advised Vince they couldn't trust him that he would probably be leaving this fall anyway. He also felt Del Rio had become a bad influence on his real-life girlfriend Paige and split them up in the 2016 WWE Draft.

It wasn't until both Del Rio and Paige failed Wellness tests last month that all but ended WWE's relationship with Del Rio, as they had been jobbing him out in anticipation of his departure (it's been reported Del Rio had informed company officials in July of his intentions not to re-sign).

Prior to this, Vince had wanted to heat back up on Del Rio but Triple H cut it off every step of the way.


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