Which WWE Star Has Heat After Fight And Backstage Fallout

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Chris Jericho

The big story on the current WWE international tour is the altercation that began on a tour bus between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara. For those that missed our coverage, Cara was annoying the Raw crew by making noises on their chartered bus. With everyone tired and focused on the task at hand (performing their dates), he was asked to stop. Jericho was a bit more forceful about it and Cara told him to “f—- off,” which sparked a verbal exchange.

When Sin Cara threw a punch, Jericho retaliated and there was a pull apart. We’ve heard varying accounts of Jericho biting Cara, from in the face to on the arm to none at all. Jericho has tried to downplay the incident and Sin Cara was thrown off the bus.

We heard Sin Cara had a large amount of heat on him over the incident to the point of his job being in jeopardy. However, he obviously worked this week’s Raw and appears to be in the clear. It’s expected that he’ll be required by WWE officials to take some type of sensitivity training class - such as anger management — when they get back to the United States.

While Cara may be safe this time, his leash is much shorter. This is his second backstage fight of the year after getting into it with Simon Gotch over the summer and he’s seen as someone with a short fuse that throws punches first and asks questions later. If he does anything to anger company officials moving forward, we would expect him to be released.

As for Jericho, he doesn’t have heat for the incident. Jericho is seen as a locker room leader and advocate for talent lower on the card and even when he upset Vince McMahon by confronting Brock Lesnar backstage at SummerSlam, the roster had his back. Jericho knows he can speak up when others cannot and he is one of the most respected workers under contract.

If anything else though, eyewitnesses have labeled Sin Cara the "winner" over both his backstage altercations but he certainly has a decision to make in deciding to be tough or be employed.

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