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WWE Star In NJPW, Vince Down On Smackdown Star, Attempt To Save Cruiserweights

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Shane McMahon

- Cody (Rhodes) is still trying to acquire the rights to use the Rhodes name outside of WWE. He’s even gone as far as telling fans that have met him at autograph signings and meet and greets that it won’t be long until the matter is resolved.

- We’ve already noted that Tye Dillinger is on the short list to be called up to the main WWE roster from NXT in the new year. In addition to Dillinger, we're hearing The Revival are two names that could make their way up to Raw or Smackdown in 2017. Obviously the rumor on Dillinger is him being the #10 entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match next year.

- Shane McMahon continues to have a lot of input behind the scenes when it comes to storylines and booking. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were less than thrilled when Shane returned earlier this year for an on-air only role as the feeling was it would be more than that. We’ve since learned Shane actually tried to take over creative back in 2012 in a return. Vince takes pleasure in pitting his family against one another.

- Vince McMahon didn’t want Austin Aries or Neville to be involved in the cruiserweight division at first, however, that plan has changed. Vince has been very disappointed with the way the division has gone over and the reception of 205 Live and is looking to use the bigger names from NXT to try and help salvage it.

- One name Vince McMahon is said to be down on is Chad Gable. Prior to the draft, Vince had even toyed with the idea of bringing Jason Jordan up without Gable. But Vince is alone on this one as Gable is said to be popular among his co-workers and the producers enjoy working with him.

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