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WWE Star Not Returning After Negotiations Break Down

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MVP negotiated with WWE to return (remember when Teddy Long announced he would be returning along with Shelton Benjamin) but ultimately the two sides could not reach an agreement. WWE wanted him back, but because of the way he’d left, they wanted to show him who was boss. According to a source, WWE offered MVP a standard deal to return to the company. No special reduced shed and no big downside guarantee.

WWE’s offer was a standard “take it or leave it” offer. MVP wanted either reduced dates or more money and expected to get one or the other. He thought WWE would cave to his demands but they balked and walked away.

Now, with MVP not returning to WWE, there is a chance of him returning to TNA. While he left on bad terms, new President Billy Corgan is a fan of his work and has “taken the temperature internally” on whether TNA should pursue him not that he is not returning to WWE.

It’s unknown if MVP would even want to go back but it might be an option if he wants it due to the regime change.

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