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Why Big WWE Star Was Drafted To Smackdown; Real-Life Couples Were Split

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Paige & Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio getting drafted to Smackdown was Triple H showing him who is boss. Hunter feels Del Rio is constantly disrespecting him and he’s just become fed up with the whole thing.

Before, Del Rio at least had Vince McMahon pushing for him but lately, Triple H has gotten into Vince’s ear claiming that Del Rio parties too hard and is a liability. This has caused Vince to be a little less supportive.

As we have reported previously, Del Rio’s contract is up in October and Triple H doesn’t want him re-signed. Vince wants to re-sign him but it may not matter anyway as Del Rio is exploring other options.

Another element to this is that Triple H thinks Del Rio is a bad influence on Paige, which Triple H used as justification for why they should be split on different brands, but really it was just Triple H wanting to punish Del Rio. It’s a passive aggressive game that has left Paige caught in the middle.

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