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Top WWE Stars Upset At Brock Lesnar Getting Preferential Treatment; John Cena Now Part-Time?

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Brock Lesnar & John Cena

There has been an interesting response to Brock Lesnar getting around the WWE Wellness Policy despite failing two drug tests prior to his fight at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. While WWE has been clear the Wellness Policy “does not apply to part-time performers,” the entire thing is left open for interpretation and has left others wondering if they are classified as part-time or full-time talent.

Take John Cena for example. He’s worked to reduce his WWE schedule recently and considers himself a part-time talent. What John doesn’t understand is why should he be subject to the Policy when others are given preferential treatment?

The Rock is someone that has been given preferential treatment and now Lesnar is getting it to the point of being able to use banned substances without punishment. Cena is a guy expected to be the workhorse and isn’t given the same treatment.

Lesnar getting around the policy while Roman Reigns got suspended and had to address the locker room, hasn’t gone over well backstage. There has been a lot of rumblings over the inconsistencies and unfair treatment depending on the worker.

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