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Update On WWE Targeting Talent Currently Working For Ring Of Honor

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The Young Bucks & Booker T

We’ve been tracking WWE’s interest in talent currently working for Ring of Honor. A name that seems to always pop up is Adam Cole, who is once again on the company’s wish list.

The Young Bucks aren’t free for six months but they’ve sent feelers to WWE and feel like they’re getting the cold shoulder. They were hoping to get a big money offer from WWE early next year and they very well may, it's still quite a bit away. But WWE feels in the past they've telegraphed how eager they were to sign them and it just gave Sinclair more time to prepare a big offer and strategize on how to keep them.

Now WWE has decided to shift their focus to other ROH talents as WWE is still a bit miffed that the Young Bucks turned them down before to sign with ROH.

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