Major Changes Coming To The WWE Title Picture? - Backstage Opinion On The New Championship Lineup & Why Top WWE Officials & Other Top WWE Stars Aren't Celebrating Daniel Bryan & Zack Ryder As Title Holders, McMahon's Attempt To Evaluate Fan Interest, Why

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Richard's Backstage Blog

While the champion lineup of CM Punk (WWE Champion), Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Champion), and Zack Ryder (WWE United States Champion) has most IWC fans happy, I'm told the jury is still out inside WWE.

Multiple sources have told me not only are there some company officials that do not see the aforementioned workers as top guys, some of the other top guys in WWE feel the same way.

Vince McMahon wanted to evaluate the interest level in the new title holders by featuring them in the main event against The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler on the December 19th Raw Supershow (the night after Bryan and Ryder won titles at WWE TLC). Not only did the main event flop in viewership, it drew the lowest quarter rating of the show (2.6). In comparison, the quarter five segment featuring a John Cena promo did a 3.2 rating.

Overall the show's rating tanked with a 2.9 after a miserable second hour that scored a 2.81 cable hour from a 3.04 first hour. This didn't set well with Vince McMahon and reportedly has him re-thinking the title picture in WWE. Supporting the idea that major changes could be on the way, while this week's Raw Supershow rating was relatively flat in comparison to the 12/19 number, the show gained audience from hour one to hour two which featured a John Cena/Kane segment to conclude the show. To make matters worse, last week's Smackdown rating came in soft and was down from recent weeks.

"It's going to be an interesting next few months." One source with knowledge of the uncertainty about the new title holders in WWE concluded.

Expect heavy evaluation to take place on the viewership numbers building towards Royal Rumble as the Wrestlemania XXVIII lineup begins to take shape.

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