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WWE Office Plants Story About Vince McMahon Being "Livid" At Brock Lesnar For Meeting Dana White At UFC 146 - Why The Company Wants You To Believe They Are On The Outs With Lesnar, Future Creative Plans & The Details WWE Doesn't Want You To Know

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WWE is in overdrive right now with misdirection in trying to get over the idea that they and Brock Lesnar could legitimately be on the outs. WWE planted a story about Vince McMahon "being livid" about Brock meeting with Dana White at UFC 146 last month.

As we've reported multiple times on Premium, WWE officials were not only aware of the meeting but were believed to have orchestrated it in order to get the news of a possible Lesnar return to UFC out there. The current plan for SummerSlam is still to do Triple H (representing Vince McMahon) vs. Brock Lesnar (representing John Laurinaitis).

Any stories about Brock not having permission from WWE to go to the UFC pay-per-view or that Vince was considering firing him over meeting with Dana White, are completely false. I'm told it's a classic case of the office working the dirt sheets.

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