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WWE Wrestler Looking To Leave And Transition To Mixed Martial Arts

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WWE Arena

The reports regarding Paige potentially transitioning from professional wrestling to mixed martial arts are true. However, we’ve heard from multiple people in WWE that they do not want to let her out of her contract and knowing that she wants to get into MMA makes them want to release her even less.

WWE doesn’t like the idea of creating a pattern of talent being unhappy with their push and then being let out of their contract to go take MMA fights. The current plan is to keep her until her contract runs out.

WWE Studios being involved in a film inspired by Paige’s life hasn’t played much of a role in WWE’s approach to her situation over the last several months. There were times when it was looking like her deal might be running up by the time the film would be ready to come out anyway. Although WWE has tried to speed up the process a bit as they do prefer that the film be released while she’s still in the company.


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