WWE's Reaction To Hulk Hogan's Apology Tour & Why It's Very Unlikely He'll Be Back Anytime Soon - WWE Wrestling News World

WWE's Reaction To Hulk Hogan's Apology Tour & Why It's Very Unlikely He'll Be Back Anytime Soon

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Hulk Hogan

We reported last week here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that WWE is softening their stance on Hulk Hogan to a certain extent, but only because of requests from licensees that are overstocked on merchandise they want to unload. The licensees have products in stores, products manufactured that haven't shipped to stores yet as well as products that were already beginning manufacturing before the controversy. A lot of the stuff is being put on hold until things blow over, but there is definitely pressure on WWE to move away from pretending that Hulk Hogan never existed.

WWE had been encouraging Hogan to continue to lay low through intermediaries (i.e. Jimmy Hart) and was 100% against him doing his apology tour so quickly. They feel like Hogan was trying to position WWE as the bad guys in his TV appearances and print interviews and WWE felt strongly that not nearly enough time had gone by yet before Hogan could try to make himself a sympathetic character.

Another aspect of this is that there are more tapes, that may or may not ever end up leaking, that are considered potentially far more damaging than the tapes that did leak. So in that regard, Hogan is still like a ticking time bomb as you never know if/when more controversial and offensive statements might leak out.

Further, even if more tapes don't leak, if the tapes that the transcripts are from ever leak, that's a whole other round of coverage. Easier for people to be in denial when it's just printed words, but if the audio ever leaks of Hogan saying those things, that is harder to recover from.

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