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Zack Reacts to SummerSlam 2016

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JeriKO b. Enzo and Cass

Finish: Cass was taken out on the outside. KO popped Enzo up and Jericho hit the Code Breaker for the win.


The reason why: This was a solid tag match, but I don't get putting over two singles heels over Enzo and Cass. It would have made more sense for the heels to take the loss, especially if they're not going to stay a team for very long. Enzo and Cass had a lot of momentum and doing this just confirms that WWE values two singles stars more than one tag team. It would have been smarter to have KO walk out on Jericho. KO doesn't look bad because he walked out, Jericho takes the pin but doesn't look bad because his partner left him and Enzo and Cass get a big win over two established big names.

Charlotte b. Sasha Banks for the Women'sChampionship

Finish: Charlotte rolled the Banks Statement into a pinfall.


The reason why: I wish they'd left the title on Sasha, plus I think it takes away from the prestige when the title switches hands too many times. Personal feelings aside, the match was solid. There were some pretty nasty botches in the early part of the match, but they got back on course after that. These women definitely were trying to put on a "big match" feel. Charlotte is really coming into her own as a heel and I'm digging it. Sasha Banks is great and I don't need to explain why. Hopefully, we will see this lead to a rubber match. If not, at least a Baley call up. The bottom line is, though, that the match delivered.

The Miz b. Apollo Crews for the IntercontinentalChampionship

Finish: The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.


The reason why: This match did a really great job of showcasing experience vs. talent. Miz just looked better in the ring than Crews. Not that Crews looked bad, he's extremely talented. Miz just has the experience under his belt that makes him a veteran. The Miz is so great at making his opponents look great, and that's what he did tonight. Crews looked great, but keeping the belt on Miz was the right call. Miz is very underrated and he proved again tonight how good he is at what he does. Crews needs to get a personality soon and Miz is doing a good job of keeping him on track. Hopefully, this rivalry will continue but maybe we add someone else in the mix.

AJ Styles b. John Cena

Finish: AJ Styles kicked out of the Super AA and hit the Styles Clash AND Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall.


The reason why: This match was easily the match of the night! These guys tore the house down. Both men show why they were at the top of their companies and why AJ is getting a serious push now. The right decision was made to put AJ over Cena, too. There aren't many men who can say they came out on top in a feud with John Cena. The match was spectacular and I'm almost sad we probably won't see any more from these two at least for the time being. If you didn't get a chance to see this match, go back and find it somewhere because it's terrific. Moving forward hopefully AJ will be on to bigger things as he has cemented himself as a top guy in WWE with this win.

Gallows and Anderson b. New Day VIA DQ for the Tag Team Championships

Finish: Big E made his return and attack Gallows and Anderson causing a DQ


The reason why: This match did a great job of making both teams look great. Gallows and Anderson needed a match like this because their work thus far hasn't blown many away. Words like "overrated" have been thrown around a lot lately. This match was one of those moments that will silence the haters. It also did a great job of showing that Big E isn't the lynchpin for New Day's victories. Xavier looked great, which he always has been, but its still new that they're showcasing it. Kofi also looked amazing, as always, but he really stepped it up tonight. I also appreciate the ending. Gallows and Anderson looked strong and New Day retained. That's a win/win in my book.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE World Championship

Finish: Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to pick up the pinfall.


The reason why: This match gets a pass, but I almost wanted to give it a fail based on how well the rest of the card is doing. This match was very "fine" but I can't say there was anything to write home about. Ambrose was wrestling based off his new attitude and it worked really well. I wanted this match to do really well. I wanted Ziggler to absolutely kill it and prove that he deserves to be at the very top with everyone else. I can't say this match stole the show, in fact, I can't even say it was top 3 for the evening.

Nikki Bella, Natalya, and Alexa Bliss b. Becky Lynch, Carmella, and Naomi

Finish: Nikki Bella hit the TKO on Carmella for the win.


The reason why: This match was sloppy, disorganized and didn't do anyone any favors. I would have thought Nikki would have been made to look better since it was her big return. That said, outside of picking up the victory, this match didn't do her any favors. No one looked particularly good in this match and that's why I had to fail it. No one really got over, no one really looked good, and even a returning Nikki Bella seemed an afterthought in this match.

Finn Balor b. Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship

Finish: Finn Balor hit the Coup De Grace for the win.


The reason why: WWE made the right call to strap Finn Balor here. It immediately cements him as a top guy on Raw and on the WWE main roster. He is ready for the push and can handle himself at the top. Not only that but it is important to keep "Demon King" Balor undefeated for as long as possible. Seth Rollins is already a top guy and is already a future Hall of Famer without question. The match itself was slower than I expected, but the crowd burnt themselves out during the Cena/Styles match. I don't know if we've seen the last of Finn vs. Seth, but honestly, I'd like Seth to move out of the title picture for a little while. He was in it non-stop while he was WWE champion for nearly a year, then entered right back into it when he returned. That was absolutely the right call, but I want to see Seth be a main event guy without the title for a little while. I actually think it will help his character evolve and grow. As for Finn, I'm excited to see him at the top of the mountain on Raw. Exciting times in WWE right now!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the UnitedStatesChampionship

Finish: Well this one never really started. It ended up being a brutal brawl with Roman injuring the ribs of Rusev and then hitting a massive spear.


The reason why: This attack/brawl did more good for Roman than any match could. Roman came off fierce, brutal, violent, and a total beast. It's exactly what Roman needed to restart that spark fans saw in him originally. It wasn't the smooth talking or charming smile. It was the total dominance he had in the ring. It's the same reason fans still cheer for Brock Lesnar. There are people who are saying this might have been Roman's heel turn, maybe even a double turn for Roman and Rusev. I don't think so, I see this more as a chance to just reset Roman to his more dominant days.

Brock Lesnar b. Randy Orton

Finish: Brock Lesnar won by TKO when Randy was bleeding too much to continue after a series of shots to the head.


The reason why: This match was just starting to really pick up momentum when it came to a screeching halt. The finish was a confusing, weak, and overall plain bad. The problem with Brock Lesnar matches is that there is no change. He puts in the bare level of wrestling and leaves. It's easy to forget that his matches are pretty boring because of all the hype WWE does around his matches. Paul Heyman puts Lesnar over and creates buzz, the video packages are great, even Lesnar's persona gives you that big fight buzz. The problem is that he's a fighter and not a wrestler. He doesn't know how to put on a good match or doesn't care to. Ambrose said it best on the Stone Cold Podcast, and ideas of creativity or originality are met with laziness. When the match finally started to show some spark of entertainment it was cut short when Lesnar either busted Orton open or Orton bladed. I still don't know at this point in time whether it was a worked finish or if it was a shoot finish or some combination of the two. I can tell you that Shane McMahon coming out afterward and eating an F5 from Lesnar felt very improvised. At this point, personally, I'm just over Lesnar. We see what he brings to the table and at this point it's the same thing every single time. No one is benefiting and we're not being entertained by it anymore. If this was a worked finish I have to think this was one of those situations where WWE, once again, was booked into a corner and didn't have an easy way out so they just fumbled their way through it. A very bitter taste in my mouth to an otherwise good event.

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