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Zack Reacts To WWE Fastlane 2016

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WWE Fastlane 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Zack Reacts! Tonight is WWE Fast Lane and I'll am breaking things down. Let's see who passes and who fails! Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comment section below.

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio 2 out of 3 Falls for the United States Championship

Finish: The finish saw Kalisto roll up Alberto Del Rio for the final count.

Pass or Fail: Pass. This match was supposed to warm up the crowd and that's what it did. If this one was on the main card I may have been a bit harsher, but it wasn't. For a pre-show match, it did a great job.

Analysis: This was a pretty solid match. The first fall went to Kalisto because Alberto Del Rio attacked him with a chair. This is a smart heel move and I loved it! He capitalized by continuing his attack on Kalisto. My only note on the attack is that Del Rio should have landed a few more chair shots. The second fall went to Alberto Del Rio who was riding the momentum of his attack. Del Rio landing his stomp from the top turnbuckle on Kalisto who was hanging from the ropes.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Naomi and Tamina

Finish: The finish of this one saw Becky and Sasha both lock in their submission finishers on Tamina and Naomi. Both Naomi and Tamina tapped out at the same time, giving the faces the win.

Pass or Fail: Pass. This was just a stopover program for Sasha and Becky and it did what it was meant to do. It made Sasha and Becky look strong going into WrestleMania.

Analysis: Becky and Sasha worked well as a team, but that shouldn't be surprising considering their time together in NXT. Naomi and Tamina did their part to put over the younger girls. The match wasn't Match of the Year level, but it was a solid match nonetheless. Time for Sasha, and Becky possibly, to move into the Championship picture.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship

Finish: Kevin Owens hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the win.

Pass or Fail: Pass.A great match between two great workers. Maybe this was thrown on the card a little last minute, but both men rose to the challenge. I would like these two to continue their rivalry, but maybe add a third person.

Analysis: This match was solid through and through. At this point, I don't think these two guys are capable of putting on anything less than quality. It would be smart for WWE to keep the Intercontinental Championship for the workhorses like it used to be. It will be interesting to see if we get another ladder match at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship or if they do a regular match. I was glad to see them keep the title on Kevin Owens.

Big Show, Ryback and Kane vs. The Wyatt Family

Finish: The finish saw Ryback hit the Shellshock on Luke Harper for the win.

Pass or Fail: Fail.  I was on the fence for this one, but I'm leaning toward failure. The Wyatt Family needed the win here and they didn't get it.

Analysis: This match didn't do anyone any favors except Ryback, who was booked to be a beast at the end of this match. Braun Strowman was extremely forgettable in this match, which is something that sends huge red flags to me. Most of this match, in fact, was extremely forgettable. That's why this match is being marked as a failure in my book. Ryback showed some real dominance with several running high knee strikes and then several slams on Luke Harper. If the goal was to put over Ryback, they certainly tried their best.

Brie Bella vs. Charlotte for the Divas Championship

Finish: The finish saw Charlotte break out of a Half Boston Crab and lock in the Figure 8 for the win.

Pass or Fail: Pass.Honestly, this match wasn't great, but it got the job done. This program was a pitstop on the way to WrestleMania. Brie did a good job of keeping the momentum going for Charlotte.

Analysis: Like I said, this match was just supposed to be something to do until WrestleMania. Brie Bella did a great job of stepping up and making it a worthy match. A few missed spots aside, the match was good. It proves that given the right amount of time these divas can tell a good story just as well as the boys can.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

Finish: The finish saw AJ hit the Styles Clash, then lock in the Calf Crusher for the win.

Pass or Fail: Pass. I was on the fence for this one, too. While this was a solid match, it felt very disconnected. It wasn't a bad match, but it wasn't nearly as spectacular as it could have been.

Analysis: This match just didn't click. It felt like Jericho and Styles just couldn't get on the same page. It fell short of my expectations and I think most people would agree. It didn't help that the crowd didn't seem very into this match, or any match tonight for that matter. Jericho has officially passed the torch, so it's time for both men to move on.

R-Truth vs. Curtis Axel

Finish: Curtis Axel rolls up Truth for the win.

Pass or Fail: Fail. This match was used to fill some time obviously and was a complete waste.

Analysis: This was a throwaway match and would have been more at home on Smackdown. Goldust cost Truth the match. Once again Truth rejects Goldust. If they'd put Goldust and Truth together tonight it would have been worth it, but they just keep putting it off.

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns winner faces Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania

Finish: Roman Reigns spears Dean Ambrose for the victory.

Pass or Fail: Pass. Let's be clear, I had the expectation going in that Roman was going to win, so I wasn't let down when Ambrose didn't pull out the victory. I had my hopes set on Ambrose, and I know a lot of fans did as well, but you have to expect WWE is going to continue with the storyline they've been building.

Analysis: This was a strong match for all 3 men. Some great story telling happened throughout and I don't think anyone looked weak at the end of the day. The crowd was clearly behind Ambrose, and it's a little heartbreaking to see Dean always with his fingertips on the brass ring, but never getting to grab it. Even though Dean didn't win tonight, I think his reaction tonight and how good he looked in the ring with Reigns and Lesnar, two of WWE's biggest names, did him a lot of good. I can only hope Ambrose gets set up with a very strong match for WrestleMania, he deserves it. As for Roman, I'd like to think he has the WWE Championship in the bag but never underestimate the ego of Triple H. I'm pretty surprised we didn't see an attack from the Wyatt Family on Brock Lesnar, but that's not to say there isn't still one in the works. Tomorrow night will be interesting.

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