Zack Reacts To WWE Clash Of Champions

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WWE Clash of Champions

Hello everyone and welcome back to Zack Reacts to Clash of Champions! Tonight was Monday Night Raw's first solo PPV event, so let's break it down and see how they did!
New Day b. Gallows and Anderson for the Raw Tag Team Championships

Finish: Woods hit Anderson with Francesca while the ref wasn't looking allowing Big E and Kofi to hit the Midnight Hour for the win.

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown: It seems like a lot of people expected a title change here. I wasn't expecting one so I wasn't as thrown off by the ending. This match didn't go as long as I expected, however, the fast-paced opening allowed the match to feel more intense right from the get-go. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if New Day are going to lose then they need to lose to a better team and right now that's just not Gallows and Anderson. Those two did great work when they were in Japan but their time in WWE just hasn't impressed me. Tonight was by far their best work and I hope they can continue at that pace. Because of the interference from Woods I expect this rivalry to most likely continue.

TJ Perkins b. The Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship

Finish: Perkins locked in the knee bar forcing Kendrick to tap out.

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown: This match was very good, but I actually had higher expectations. That's my own fault so I don't hold it against this match. Kendrick looks as good as he ever did and Perkins seems to be fitting right in at WWE. I wish this match had been given a bit more time, but it did a great job of keeping the energy high for the night, carrying over the momentum from the Tag Team Championship match. After the match Kendrick attacked Perkins, so we're not done here either. Kendrick will likely get another shot at the belt at the next PPV. It will be interesting to see what they do with the rest of the division in the meantime.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro match 7/7

Finish: The match was called to a no contest due to reasons?

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown: I had to think really hard about the grading for this match because the match itself was EASILY the match of the night. Who would have guessed that these guys could turn it up, not only a notch but several notches! Both men looked incredible tonight and have shown that if they are given the ball, they'll run with it. The only reason I considered giving it a fail, or a "pass with fail ending" was the finish. A no contest in the 7th match of a Best of 7 series is a cop out if you ask me. Yes, I'm interested enough to watch Raw. Yes, it adds a twist to things. I'm just tired of waiting in anticipation for something in WWE and having it pulled away for no reason. The ending was also confusing, it wasn't clear the match was being called off and had a very "Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton" feel to it. The crowd didn't know how to react to the ending, especially after being so into the match itself. My guess is that they're going to make Sheamus and Cesaro a tag team and give them a shot at the Tag Team Championships. Which would actually upset me quite a bit.

Chris Jericho b. Sami Zayn

Finish: Jericho connected with the Codebreaker for the pinfall victory.

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown: This match/rivalry really didn't get a ton of love from creative but Jericho has been on fire lately and the pairing with Zayn felt very appropriate. The match itself was solid, both men work similar styles that mesh up well together. Unfortunately for these guys, they had to follow Sheamus and Cesaro who tore the house down, then left the fans grumpy that they didn't get an official finish. The crowd was simply burnt out. That doesn't mean they weren't into the match, but they didn't show as much love to it as it could've gotten. I wouldn't mind seeing this rivalry continue, but I don't think it will. I think it was a one-and-done giving both men something to do for the time being. I'm actually confused as to why they'd give Sami a big win over Owens, only to really have nothing for him. I'd be ok with Sami dipping his feet into the Cruiserweight Division for a while. It'd give the division some more legitimacy, and it'd make Sami feel like a bigger fish. As for Jericho winning, Sami needed the win but Jericho's incredibly backstage/mic work lately earned him a victory tonight.

Charlotte b. Bayley and Sasha Banks for the Raw Women's Championship

Finish: Charlotte hit a big boot on Bayley, sending her crashing into Sasha effectively sending Sasha outside the ring, then Bayley turned around into a second boot from Charlotte.

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown: This is another match that passed by the skin of its teeth. The match itself was pretty good, but could've been better. Dana Brooke was involved fairly heavily in the match, but surprisingly not in the ending. If you're going to have Dana outside causing interference because "it's all legal" in a triple threat match, then she needs to be involved in the finish, too. It avoids making Bayley look weak by taking the pinfall. Not only did Bayley take the pin, but she didn't even get hit with a real finisher. The reason this match passed was because of the quality of the actual match. All three women are incredible performers and even on a night where I feel like they didn't leave it all out there, they still put on a better match than most. Charlotte retaining wasn't my preference, but it was the anti-climatic ending that seemed to let me down. Not enough to fail this, but just enough to leave me wanting them to try this match again.

Roman Reigns b. Rusev to become United States Champion

Finish: Roman fights out of the Accolade and hit a spear for the win.

Pass or Fail: Fail

Breakdown: This match just was flat out boring. I saying that knowing full well that some may call me a Roman-hater, but it's simply not true. This match was just as much Rusev as it was Roman's problems. These two have put on great matches in the past so I'm not sure where the disconnect was tonight. For a match that should have been more exciting, considering Roman won his first United States Championship. It just didn't create any excitement. The fans seemed burnt out or bored or both and that really caused it to drag. There isn't much more to say about this match other than it was lackluster. With Roman winning, every member of The Shield has now been WWE Champion and United States Champion in their career.

Kevin Owens b. Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship

Finish: After interference from Chris Jericho and a ref being knocked out, Rollins turned around into a Pop Up Powerbomb and was pinned.

Pass or Fail: Pass

Breakdown:  This match started slow but really picked up the pace about halfway through. Once it got rolling it was a very good match. The problems started towards the end with a bit of overbooking. Chris Jericho ran down to cause interference (wearing a Kevin Owens shirt, nice touch Chris) and then the ref got knocked out when Rollins leaped out of the Pop Up Powerbomb. Stephanie McMahon appeared at the top of the ramp, sending out a new ref, only for Rollins to get hit with the Pop Up Powerbomb and get pinned. Was Stephanie doing right by Rollins or Owens? It wasn't clear and WWE wanted it that way. That is too many things happening at once and seemed unnecessary. However, the match was solid and it told a good story in the ring while keeping the story outside the ring going so it gets a pass.

Clash of Champions: Pass

Breakdown: On paper this PPV event seems much better than it was. There was only one fail and everything else passed, but not everything passed by a large margin. In reality, this PPV was fine and that's the best word I can use to describe it. If you missed this PPV, I wouldn't say you need to go back and watch it. The only thing really worth paying for tonight was surprisingly Cesaro vs. Sheamus and even that got a confusing ending. All the titles were on the line tonight, so I can't say it felt like a "strong Raw" but it just didn't measure up to Smackdown's first solo PPV, Backlash. If we're keeping score Smackdown: 1 Raw: 0.

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