Zack Reacts To WWE No Mercy

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WWE No Mercy

AJ Styles b. John Cena and Dean Ambrose

FINISH: After the match was restarted, or continued, AJ introduces a steel chair and hits Cena with it to pick up the win.


SUMMARY: This match is a perfect example of what a triple threat should be. These three guys knocked it out of the park. There wasn't a single weak link. There were a couple of really strong segments that you can only get out of a triple threat, too. I loved the double submission that lead to AJ tapping out, but the ref continuing the match because it didn't result in a single victory. A brilliant twist to add in. AJ bringing in, and winning with, the steel chair is a smart move because it allows him to get the victory but again it feels like he needed an assist to win. And for all the haters out there, Cena took the pin AGAIN.

Nikki Bella b. Carmella

FINISH: Nikki Bella hit the Rack Attack 2.0


SUMMARY: This match was pretty plain and pretty boring. Nothing special. As a filler match, it was perfect. That said, the standards for the Women's Division have been raised in the last year and I expected more. Someone said it perfectly in the Live Coverage, this match was more of a Divas Match than a Women's match. They gave Nikki the win to get the crowd buzzing, but it just didn't seem like anyone was into it. There needs to be more effort put forward by both Nikki and Carmella. I didn't want to fail this match but the standards for Women are too high these days. Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Alexa and others are fighting too hard for me to give this match a pass.

Heath Slater and Rhyno b. The Usos

FINISH: Rhyno hit the gore for pinfall victory.


SUMMARY: This match wasn't anything to write home about but if nothing else it did a good job of letting everyone play their roles. The Usos are really coming into their own as heels, and they did great tonight as heels. Rhyno is great "muscle" for his team and Heath Slater is definitely still over like rover.

Baron Corbin b. Jack Swagger

FINISH: Baron Corbin hit a thumb to the eye of Jack Swagger and then hit the Deep Six for the win.


SUMMARY: This was a great match, not only for Corbin but for Swagger as well. Swagger can be really solid when he wants to be and it's surprising WWE hasn't been using him more. Corbin came out looking better tonight than he has since he debuted on the main roster. This match wasn't a shining star but it was solid and helped build Corbin up as a midcarder. If Corbin can slowly climb the ranks he can be a solid main eventer in time. This was a perfect stepping stone to get him upward.

Miz b. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship/Dolph Ziggler's Career

FINISH: As the referee ejects Maryse and the Spirit Squad, Dolph hits the Superkick for the win.


SUMMARY: This match was incredible. Miz and Ziggler are friends in real life and it shines through in their work. These two guys have gotten better and better with each match they wrestled. This match was no exception to that. I'm happy to see WWE giving them as much time as they need, they wrestled for around the same amount of time the WWE Championship did. They went out there and showed that they deserved that time. Ziggler picked up the win, and that's not a bad thing. I really hope this feud continues. One thing is for sure, Miz is better than he has ever been and no one can ever tell him he's nothing short of great.

Naomi b. Alexa Bliss

FINISH: Bliss went right for the cross armbreaker, but Naomi rolls up Alexa for a three count.


SUMMARY: It's never acceptable to have someone who is a number 1 contender lose in a throw away match. If Bliss was first in line for a championship shot she should be winning ever match leading into that match. ESPECIALLY since that championship match was supposed to be tonight. WWE should have put Bliss over to make her look as strong as possible leading into her delayed championship match. Bliss and Naomi did a great job in their match and Bliss fought hard to get the crowd into the match, something I respect a lot. This match was a Women's division match, unlike the Nikki/Carmella match earlier that felt very "diva." I just can't forgive the booking in this match.

Bray Wyatt b. Randy Orton

FINISH: The lights went out and when they came back on Luke Harper was in the ring. Randy Orton turned around into a Sister Abigail and was pinned.


SUMMARY: I feel like I'm being overly harsh on this PPV but this match wasn't anything to write home about either. The match was long and slow, I expected the pace to pick up as the match progressed but it just never happend. There were some good spots here and there, but not enough to save the match. As we got further and further into the match I was waiting for them to hit the gas and they never did. The nail on the coffin of this match was Luke Harper returning to cost Orton. I can't stress this next point enough, Bray Wyatt needs to win on his own if his career is ever going to move forward. He will never be seen as the monster his character is portrayed as if he is always leaning on other people for victories. Bray can't call himself the world eater, death, a monster, the new face of fear or anything else if he can't win a single match alone. Period. Yes, Bray got the win, but he lost in the long run.

No Mercy


SUMMARY: All a PPV needs to be successful is two great matches. Well, No Mercy gave us just that, two great matches. The WWE Champonship and Intercontinental Championship matches were both fantastic matches, so this event gets a pass. It may have passed by the skin of it's teeth, but it passed. Smackdown has a handful of really great workers and they utilized most of them the best they could tonight. Let's see where we go from here!

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