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Zack Reacts To WWE Survivor Series

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Team Raw b. Team Smackdown Women's Elimination Match

Survivors: Bayley and Charlotte

Finish: Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly on Becky Lynch to get the pinfall.

Pass/Fail: Pass

Breakdown: The match was a great opener and did a lot right and only a little wrong. Some of the smarter booking decisions had Becky make Nia tap to the Disarmer and Bayley win the match for her team. Not so smart decision was having Sasha eliminated so easily. After the match, Charlotte beat down Bayley which wasn't illogical but still felt out of place for the moment. Overall, the match was good but the post-match beatdown took away from the match with its confusing timing.

Miz b. Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship

Finish: Sami Zayn locked the Figure Four on Miz but Maryse rang the bell causing Zayn to release the hold because he thought he won. When he let it go, Miz rolled up Sami for the win.

Pass/Fail: Fail

Breakdown: This match was good, definitely a solid match through and through. That finish, though, was absurd. I can't tell if it was actually crap or if it was such a good "heel win" that it just did its job perfectly. I'm leaning more towards crap, but I will leave it up to you readers to decide. The fact is, the referee should have kicked Maryse from ringside when she got in Sami's face for a good 30 seconds in the middle of the match. I'm still not sure where things go from here with Miz. I was left kind of scratching my head and wondering why we needed to take the championship off Ziggler if Zayn was going to lose anyway. Maybe we'll see Sami move to Smackdown to continue a feud with Miz? Only time will tell.

Team Raw b. Team Smackdown in the Tag Team Elimination Match

Survivors: Cesaro and Sheamus

Finish: Cesaro locked in the Sharpshooter and got the tapout victory.

Pass/Fail: Pass

Breakdown: This match was one of the better matches of the show and was a lot of fun. The only questionable call was to eliminate New Day almost immediately. There were definitely some moments in the show that had me wondering what the logic was. However, the rest of the match went really great. The end boiled down to The Usos vs. Sheamus and Cesaro and everyone put their best foot forward. Cesaro especially was on fire. At one point I said outloud, "Cesaro is stupid talented." It's funny because I normally would say that a more seasoned tag team should get the win, it makes sense. There is something about Cesaro and Sheamus, though, that just works. They might not be a tag team for a long time but dammed if I don't like them together.

Brian Kendrick b. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Title and Division

Finish: Baron Corbin came out and attacked Kendrick then Kalisto causing a DQ.

Pass/Fail: Fail

Breakdown: This match was solid but nothing to write home about. Which, unfortunately, is a sentence I can use to describe every Cruiserweight match since they division started on Raw. I was pretty upset that Kendrick hit a huge reverse headlock takedown from the top rope into the Captain's Hook and had the Hook locked in for a LONG time and it wasn't the finish of the match. It just makes Kendrick look weak. The finish was the crappy icing on top of a bad cake for me. Corbin interfering wasn't surprising, but that doesn't make any less lazy. Corbin was sent home by Daniel Bryan backstage after the match, and told he would "deal with him on Tuesday." We all know that just means he'll put Corbin in a match against Kalisto but shouldn't his punishment fit the crime? He should be fired, but if nothing else he should be put in handicap matches or never receive a title shot again while he's on Smackdown or something along those lines. I don't see Corbin attacking them as "protecting" both men, because neither needed to be protected that badly.

Team Smackdown b. Team Raw in the Men's Tradition Survivor Series Match

Survivors: Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Finish: Roman Reigns went for a spear on Bray Wyatt. Randy Orton shoved Bray out of the way and ate the spear himself, but this allowed Bray to hit Sister Abigail on Roman for the win.

Pass/Fail: Pass

Breakdown: This match was AMAZING and it didn't feel like it went a full hour, which, impressively, it did. The storytelling this match did throughout was incredible. Kevin Owens getting DQed because he attacked using the "List of Jericho" was brilliant AND it further sets up Jericho vs. Owens because Jericho was visibly upset that Owens was so reckless with the list. Elsworth helping to eliminate Strowman was not only a great way to eliminate Braun, but a great redemption for James. It all goes full circle. Speaking of Strowman, he has been booked PERFECTLY lately and especially in this match. He comes off as a real, legitimate monster and it doesn't seem farfetched. Part of that goes to the booking, but most of the credit goes to Braun, his work in the ring has been really solid and what is helping to sell him as a monster. The highlight of the match, for me personally, was Dean Ambrose returning to the ring after being eliminated to attack AJ Styles leading to a momentary Shield reunion when they Triple Powerbombed AJ through a table. I definitely "marked out" for that. Shane McMahon took a WICKED spear from Reigns that may have legitimately hurt Shane. Roman went for the pin and Shane kicked out but I don't think he was supposed to. Especially because the referee then basically just called for Shane to be eliminated for reasons unknown. He might really have a concussion as the doctors rushed in to look at him but the cameras panned away for the most part. Smackdown getting the win was important, but what was more important was Bray Wyatt being the one who brought home the win for the blue brand.

Goldberg b. Brock Lesnar

Finish: To hell with the finish, I can sum up the who match in three words! Spear. Spear. Jackhammer. That was it! That was the whole match!

Pass/Fail: Zack says FAIL, Kendra says PASS

Breakdown: I wanted to put in two different responses to this match because it seems like the fan reactions are split one way or the other. Fans either think this match was a huge steaming pile of bullcrap or they think it's funny and fine. I side with the former and Kendra sides with the later. Here's what we had to say

Zack: I am still furious about this match. There was so much effort put into building Brock Lesnar the last few years. Think of the people that were fed to Brock Lesnar. Undertaker, Cena, Orton, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose. Not only were these people fed to Lesnar, they were DESTROYED by Lesnar. All this build up put behind Lesnar, whoever was going to beat him was going to have their career MADE by the victory. Then, after ALL of that, it was wasted on a guy whose career is basically over and has, at best, a few more matches in him. That's a CRIME in my opinion. Not only is it a crime, but it spits in the face of The Undertaker. I would've been angry if Goldberg won, but he didn't just win, he DESTROYED Lesnar. Here's the best way I can describe it for those who might not get where I'm coming from or relate. Imagine if in the final two Avengers movies, after YEARS of building to this massive epic battle with Thanos, he gets to Earth destroys all the Avengers in the first movie. Then the second movie comes out and 5 minutes into the movie Thanos is shot by Nick Fury and dies. Movie over. That's how this feels. WWE wasted my time and yours for YEARS building him as an unbeatable beast only to throw it all away. I'm fine with Brock losing but, literally ANYONE ELSE on the roster would have benefited from beating Lesnar, not some one-and-done has-been who is back for 5 minutes.

Kendra: I might be one of the few people in this world who is not seething over the way Brock Lesnar jobbed out to Goldberg, and I'm all giggles about it. Yes, I have serious issue with Brock Lesnar ending Taker's Streak, then losing like this, but I had issue with Brock ending the Streak when it happened. Brock ending the Streak was a travesty for so many reasons, but that's not the match I'm writing about, I'm writing about Goldberg destroying Brock Lesnar in under a minute and a half. Brock has been built up to be an unstoppable entity in the WWE and in UFC, but in earning that reputation, he's hurt almost everyone he's touched since his return, and it's only gotten worse this past year. I've been vocal about how much I dislike Brock, and why, so I won't go into that diatribe, but I will say that it looks as though someone in the WWE has finally seen what we see in Brock, and has done something about it.

Many of us have heard that Goldberg wouldn't sign a contract with the WWE for a match only to go under. We have been hearing that for years, and I had to wonder what had happened with that when the match was coming to fruition. I didn't think that Goldberg would suddenly change his mind about going under to someone like Brock, especially in front of his son. So I really do think that it was planned for Goldberg to go over in this match, and I'm all good with Goldberg wanting that in his contract after so much time. It's going over in under two minutes and making Brock look like such a jobber that really seems to have most fans upset, especially in conjunction with the Streak. Taker was all for Brock ending the Streak, so I have to step away from that part of it. It was Taker's Streak, and his decision, so I have to abide by that, no matter how bad this match made it all look.

I think what this came down to is that the WWE is finally seeing Brock for who he is and what he's not doing for the WWE, and what he's not doing for the millions of dollars he's being paid. Standing in the ring without emotion, letting Heyman do all the work. Giving no facial expressions, no reaction, so obviously not caring about the fans or the person he will be working the ring with while Heyman pushes hard to make each storyline, each feud actually work. Brock forgot to bring the WWE WHC to the ring with him at one point. That's how little he cares! But then he failed the UFC drug test and the WWE fans were out for his head, but still the WWE didn't do anything and were not required to do anything because Brock had them over a barrel with his contract. They couldn't have suspended him for failing the drug test because he made sure that the Wellness Policy didn't pertain to him. Whoever carved out his contract was brilliant for letting Brock take whatever performance enhancing drugs he wanted to, and not have to submit to testing. But then Ambrose stepped up and said that he had to carry Brock through their match, and he was injured by Brock working so stiff and not caring at all about their match. Ambrose didn't hold back, which really could have hurt him for a long time, that is if Brock hadn't hurt Orton so badly in his next match. That just proved to everyone, especially the fans, that Ambrose wasn't just spouting things because he was upset about his match, he was speaking the truth. Basically, Brock made his own reputation, Ambrose put it out to the fans, and Brock lived up to it in his next match. I think that's what took Goldberg slated to defeat Brock to Brock fully jobbing out to Goldberg at Survivor Series.

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