World TV Premiere Of Wrestlemania 30 Viewership Numbers Adjusted Down Dramatically

The viewership for WWE's world premiere of Wrestlemania 30 that aired Sunday on NBC has been adjusted down. While the overnight numbers came in at a viewing audience of 3,900,000, the numbers were adjusted down to 2,540,000 viewers. The adjustment is significant, making the audience the smallest [for the special] in the last three years.

TV by the Numbers has more at this link.

  • Devansh Kotak

    how can there be such a big difference???

    • chris

      who cares? the the tv ratings number is still higher than the so-called competition, tna ever drew in its entire history.

  • Zack

    Still think it was a bad choice cutting out both Daniel Bryan matches. I realize they can’t “follow up” with a fresh audience because he is out, but you also can’t cut out 2 of your biggest main events. It’s no surprise the viewership is down.