Wrestlemania 29 Results - The Streak Lives, John Cena Wins The WWE Championship

No Holds Barred Match
If Triple H loses, his career is over.
- Triple H w/Shawn Michaels vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

The entrances:

Shawn Michaels' music hits, and HBK makes his way down the ring, dressed for the occasion in jeans, a black tank top, and a camouflage baseball cap.

Brock Lesnar is the next man to make his way into the stadium, and of course he's got Heyman by his side. Lesnar gets a pretty nice pop out of the crowd in his return to WrestleMania for the first time since WrestleMania XX.

Triple H is out to the ring next, and the heir apparent to the WWE makes his way out through a goofy metal skeleton structure. Hunter has some sort of powder caked all around his midsection, not exactly sure what that is, but it seems like he's able to rub most of it off before getting up to the apron.

The start:

The bell rings and Hunter catches Lesnar with a series of right hands right off the bat. Lesnar responds with a series of knees before falling to the outside in pursuit of Hunter. Hunter whips Lesnar into the barricade hard before ramming his head into the ring apron. He takes Lesnar over to the announcer's table and slams him head first into the table. Lesnar is able to fight back, backing Hunter into the ring apron before sending him over the barricade into the crowd. Lesnar grabs a chair and heads out after Hunter, but ends up clotheslined back into the ringside area.

Mid-match notes:

Lesnar recovers quickly and avoids a chair shot, catching Hunter and sending him back into the ring. Lesnar heads into the ring and grabs the chair, but turns right around into a high knee from Hunter. Heyman grabs the chair and pulls it out of the ring. Hunter tosses Brock to the outside and kicks him in the stomach before slamming him head first into the ring steps. Lesnar tries to whip Lesnar, but Lesnar counters with a belly to belly suplex on the stadium floor.

Lesnar picks Hunter up and slams him down face first on the announcer's table before suplexing him through the Spanish announcer's table. Lesnar picks Hunter up and buries his knee in Hunter's midsection before hitting another belly to belly suplex into the wreckage of the Spanish announcer's table. Lesnar grins wickedly before screaming out. Lesnar drags Hunter away before staring down Shawn Michaels and sending him scurrying. Lesnar brings things back into the ring where he stands over Hunter and waits for him to stand. Hunter stands in the corner and Lesnar stomps away on him repeatedly.

Hunter is able to drive Lesnar's face down into his knee, but Lesnar recovers quickly and takes Hunter down to the mat for a two count. Lesnar attacks Hunter in the corner, but Hunter tries to fight back. It doesn't last long as Lesnar sends Hunter across the ring. Lesnar runs into a big boot but comes right back with another belly to belly suplex for another two count. Lesnar waits for Hunter to stand and hits him with a big German suplex. Lesnar goes for another pin and gets two.

Lesnar tosses Hunter with another suplex for another two count. Hunter tries to kick away at Lesnar, scoring with a couple of boots and a couple of rights, but Lesnar tosses him into the corner with such force that he flies over the top and to the outside. Lesnar heads out to the floor and backs Michaels off again. He turns around and walks into a clothesline from Hunter. Hunter picks up Lesnar and hits him with a right before clotheslining him into the timekeeper's area.

Hunter slams Lesnar head first into the announcer's table before blasting him with a chair shot to the back. Back in the ring and Lesnar avoids a shot only to take Hunter down with a bridging German suplex for a two count. HBK leaps up to the apron but Brock knocks him down to the floor immediately. Lesnar turns around into a big spinebuster from Hunter. Hunter tries for the pedigree, but Lesnar turns it around almost hitting the F5. HBK is in the ring and tries for sweet chin music but Lesnar catches him and hits the F5. Hunter hits the pedigree on Lesnar, but he only gets a two count.

Hunter heads to the outside and under the ring to grab the sledge hammer. Hunter heads back into the ring and tries for a hammer shot, but Lesnar catches him and hits the F5, but Hunter kicks out of a pin attempt. Hunter rolls out to the floot. Lesnar follows him and grabs a chair, blasting him with a shot to the back. Lesnar screams that he'll play with chairs too. He picks Hunter up and whips him into the ring steps chest first.

Lesnar tosses the steps aside and dismantles them, picking up the top half and using them as a battering ram against Hunter's head. Lesnar holds the steps high and tosses them into the ring over the top rope. Lesnar sets the ring steps up before heading back out to the floor. Lesnar brings Hunter back into the ring and climbs in after him, picking the stairs up again. Lesnar uses them to ram into Hunter's shoulder, pinning him for another two count.

Lesnar tells Hunter it's over now, and Hunter slaps Lesnar across the face. Hunter hits Lesnar with a couple of rights and tries for the pedigree, but Lesnar counters into the kimura. Hunter grabs the ropes, but there's no breaks in this match. Hunter backs Lesnar into the corner, but Lesnar won't break. Hunter backs Lesnar into the corner and breaks the hold, but it's back on immediately. Lesnar hits a couple of knees to the gut before sitting on the top turnbuckle and locking in the kimura again. Hunter lifts up Lesnar out of the corner and slams him down to the mat, forcing him to break the hold.

Lesnar charges Hunter in the corner, but misses and crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Hunter kicks Lesnar in the crotch, then drags him by the arm and wraps it around the ring post. Hunter grabs a chair and brings it over, wrapping Lesnar's arm around the post and hitting it with the chair. Hunter heads into the ring and brings the chair down on Lesnar's arm on top of the ring steps. Hunter locks in a kimura of his own, taking Brock down to the mat. Lesnar teases tapping out, then screams at Heyman to help. Heyman grabs a chair, but he's stopped with sweet chin music from Michaels. Hunter keeps the hold on and Lesnar still won't quit. Lesnar stands with Triple H still holding on. Lesnar walks over to the stairs and falls down with Hunter on top of the stairs.

The finish:

Hunter clamps the hold back on and Lesnar slams him down on the steps once more. Hunter puts Brock in the hold a third time and Brock continues to think about tapping. He stands up and drives Hunter down into the ring steps, but Hunter DDT's him on the steps in the process. Hunter reaches over to grab his sledge hammer. He stands up and charges, hitting Lesnar in the head. Hunter tosses the hammer aside and poses for the crowd. Hunter picks Lesnar up and hits a pedigree on the ring steps. Hunter covers Lesnar and gets the three count.

Winner: Triple H

After the match Hunter and Michaels embrace as they celebrate the fact that the career of Triple H will continue. Hunter stands tall over Lesnar and gives the fans a crotch chop for old time's sake.

Richard Reacts: This was a physical "fight-style" match that was hurt by the crowd. I don't know what it is but this crowd is not coming across well on pay-per-view. They were hot for Punk-Taker but this match you could often hear a single fan talking to Brock Lesnar at ringside (e.g. I heard one fan tell Lesnar, "I hate you Brock" or another yell "end his career Brock"). This just shouldn't be at an event where there are over 80,000 attendees. The work was fine and basically what we've seen from Brock since coming back. Very physical, almost to the level of being reckless. It's entertaining to watch for the shear spectacle of it but it's nothing like a Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle wrestling match. My favorite tough bump was Brock suplexing Hunter through the Spanish announce table. As for the outcome, it's exactly what we thought. Hunter avenging his loss from SummerSlam and I don't think anyone thought his in-ring career was in jeopardy of ending. Both are going to be sore tomorrow.

We get a video package of some of the highlights of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony from last night, with some pretty neat moments.

The WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013 are introduced, and everyone gets a warm reception from the fans in attendance. Well everyone except for Donald Trump who gets resounding boos.

Justin Roberts has the stated attendance at 80,676, saying that this sets a record at MetLife Stadium. This leads to a barrage of fireworks going off all around.

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  • vinny

    surprised the shield went first

  • OMG Stop with the stupid rock/cena promo. We are already watching the show.

  • H.M.

    WHC title match not opening the show? So far so good. Shield vs Orton/Show/Sheamus was interesting. Didn’t expect a re-heel turn for Show; decent opener.


    Ryback losing his way to the top and still getting pops proves only IWC put that much thought into a scripted show lol

  • John

    Richard why do you love Ryback so much? It seems you get upset every time he loses a match? Ryback is awful in the ring.. He deserves to be jobbing to guys like Mark Henry who have been in the business for 17 years.

    • N.A

      He loves him cause Ryback is so over! The crowd loves him yet he still gets jobbed at every single ppv…So obviously somebody who loves wrestling will notice he is over and will get fustraded at the fact hes not winning at any ppv or getting pushed.

      • John

        Just because fans chant Feed Me More, does not mean Ryback is over! Listen to the reactions he gets when he comes out to the ring. Crowd is always dead!

        • Osuman

          The crowd loves Ryback…

  • I am glad Ryback lost. He still managed to get over though

  • Ziggler cashing in tonight maybe?

    • George Waldman

      Nope. Unfortunately. And I do remember him guaranteeing he would cash in before Mania.

      • 123

        Ziggler never said that

        • George Waldman

          Then you obviously didn’t see that segment.

          • Jimmy

            I definitely remember him saying that, disappointed that he didn’t

  • Was it just me or did that ending looked a bit botchy?

  • Was it me or did big e while holding kane. look like he was about to crap himself

  • Oh look p diddy it’s piss break time

  • cobra

    I miss when Wrestlemania had real celebrities like Herb, Clara Peller, and Larry Young and they just were guest ring announcers, guest time keepers or referees.

  • Swagger and Colter’s entrance were cut according to a Tweet from Arda Ocal.

    • BlazeKing

      It was. I don’t know why you got voted down. I was there and while Zeb & Jack were coming out, they were playing a video on the huge screens. When the video stopped, they were already in the ring and then Zeb began to talk. Jack’s theme did not play.

  • Tyson

    I would just like to say tonight that recently I have been harsh on Richard. But lets give it up for him and his astronomical work rate. I think on this wrestle mania night we should be thankful to this guy and for his amazing hard work.

    Well done Richard!

    • Thanks. I appreciate it. Pulling 18+ hour days are never easy but comments like this make them well worth it.

      • Jimmy

        You sound like Cena when he makes his “i’m here for the fans” speches.

  • Stoney

    Ryback will never I repeat never be the number 1 guy in wwe

    • WWE will go downhill rapidly if that happens

      • lee

        Yea it will if they keep catering to what Cena wants to do. He will be the downfall of the company.

    • BlazeKing

      Not one person I can recall ever said that Ryback would be the #1 guy.

      • Jordan

        Dude, Ryback said that Ryback would be the #1 guy.

        • H.M.

          That was his aim as it should be everyones within the industry.

  • No cash in. Can’t say I am shocked. Creative does not seem to be behind Ziggler atm

  • Cena and Rock now?

  • The Ignored Monster

    This is WRESTLEMANIA and a New York crowd why in the hell is the crowd so dead!!

    • John

      Stadium shows are awful for creating an atmosphere. I bet the crowd sounds amazing in the actual arena.

  • Anyone remember Dwayne saying the rock is dead years ago

  • monty

    so glad punk lost he don’t deserve to break the streak, actually no one does

    few years back orton should have done it but back than the streak wasn’t as big of a hit as it is today.

    so glad i won’t have to read abut richard saying why it should end, its not ending atleast not to punk who is clearly not big enough ot be the #1 guy for wwe

    how about cena breaks the streak next year while getting a dirty victory and turning heel that would make him be hated like HOgan was when he was with NWO

    • Jimmy

      Cena is already hated as it is. I think turning him heel will get him more fans lol

  • Dangerous Lee

    Why did Triple H jump into a pile of cocaine before his match?

    • Willy Wonka

      You have the lamest jokes dude, just stop already

    • brocks socks

      i thought it was baby powder lol but in reality it was probably just dry ice

  • Did Brock slip or something when Triple H went for the pedigree?

    • Jimmy

      He fell too early. Also earlier in the match he slipped on the water left at ringside from HHH’s entrance haha

  • H.M.

    Triple H vs Lesnar was great, brutal and exciting minus the lack of blood but….that outcome was not to my liking. Everythings been going according to expectation…only a Cena heel turn can salvage an otherwise predictable event. Even if the wrestling is amazing, a predictable outcome only leads to the same old television the following night.

  • The Ignored Monster

    Well tons of Funk and Rhodes scholars were cut from the card

  • H.M.

    Wait a minute…NO SPECIAL ENTRANCE FOR CENA?!! Kinda disappointed to be honest lmao. Must have had time constraints or something of sorts since the 8 man tag match was cut as well. Guess WWE didn’t have time to give their fans a proper bathroom break.

    • George Waldman

      Well, they DID have Diddy singing. If that’s not a BR break, I don’t know what is.

      • Winnipeg

        All the commercials they had between matches?

      • Jimmy

        Best entrance of the night…. 1. Undertaker, 2. Fandango, 3. CM Punk

  • Scottyo614

    Outdoor arenas suck for crowd noise. Next year in the dome will be much better…

  • The Ignored Monster

    I can’t wait for WM 30 next year, because the superdome is great and notorious for retaining crowd noise. It can get deafening in there at saints games, so lets hope mosh of the who dat nation is also WWE fans!!

  • Taylor

    No excitement and all predictable match outcomes

  • Just as most people have suggested a very predicable and unsurprising WM29. It really is quite sad that we haven’t seen a major surprise or shock. Up until now, every match outcome has been predictable and expected. Hopefully Rock keeps the title till Extreme Rules, because unless we get a Cena heel turn, no one is going to care if Cena gets the title back.

  • Chris

    Worst PPV ever!!! FACT!!!

    • EricDraven86

      1991 Great American Bash/1995 King of the Ring were worse.

      This one was bad, but not the worst ever.

      • Chris

        It was the worst ever because it was WrestleMania, and much more is expected of it!!

  • Another mediocre wrestlemania.

  • WM29 could of been a exciting PPV, but it was just a simple, predictable and I’ll say it boring show. A few good matches, but predictable and boring for the show of the year.

  • H.M.

    An otherwise stellar main event match ending with Cena’s dreaded smirk whilst screaming ‘The champ is here!’…

    Yeah this ‘Mania was nothing BUT predictable.

    No Cena heel turn? Guess I expected too much.

    Blood in Lesnar vs HHH? Nah. Brock looking like an utter beast and taking HHH out of commission to further his build? Naaah.

    Punk ending the streak? Too much too ask for. It was the least of my gripes but I guess Taker winning ought to have been expected anyway.

    Orton turning heel and joining the Shield? Didn’t happen.

    Ziggler having his WM moment? Hell no!

    Unless something purely amazing happens tomorrow night, I don’t really have much to look forward to in this company save for a few names. This is the first time in a while I’ve felt so disheartened at a WWE event. It’s not that WM was bad…the wrestling was good but their was nothing epic or just downright amazing. Nothing that we’ll remember 10 years down the line; perhaps maybe even 2-3.

    • Good comment about feeling disheartened and flat after a Wrestlemania. This is the show of the year and we now have the feeling of WHY did I spend money to watch what we already knew was going to happen.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      That main event wasnt “stellar,” Im sorry.

      • H.M.

        80 000+ fans live at the arena seemed to find it so. Loudest they had been. It wasn’t a MOTN but it was definitely a great watch. The reversals and near falls between these two were reminiscent of Austin/Rock at WM 19. Just me though. Had Cena won with SOME twist I’d have been down.

        • Hannibal Lector

          The whole Cena vs Rock match was just finisher after finisher (Cena kicking out way too early after every big pinfall, even after the 3rd Rock Bottom which was ridiculous). I think Chris Jericho did more Wrestling moves in his match than Cena and Rock combined.

          • Jimmy

            Both Rock and Cena are limited to 5-6 move-set which is why i knew this wouldn’t be the absolute best match but they did good. If you wanted to see a match with various moves and great wrestling improvisers then thats the reason they also had Punk/Taker on the card.

  • I think I seen cena and the rock talking to each other like a million times. You’d think the camera would cut

    • Jimmy

      Yeah during the crossface you could clearly see Cena talking right in the Rock’s ear.

  • cena wins. bullshit

    • BlazeKing

      Cena hasn’t even had the title in 2 years! Bullshit?! It was bullshit for anybody to think the rock would retain when he has 3 movies and a TV show to do. I mean, you really thought rock was going to win?

      • Snap

        So what if Cena hadn’t had the title for two years, KANE hasn’t had the WWE championship in nearly FIFTEEN years and he only held it for a day. Ric Flair NEVER held a world championship after returning to WWE following the acquisition of WCW and Shawn Michaels went the last SEVEN years of his career without holding a world championship so don’t give me this whole “he hasn’t had the title for x-amount of time” bullshit. He’s not entitled to be champion after lending the title to someone else for a while. That’s an asinine argument.

        Since Rock didn’t appear with the belt while doing promotional appearances, he should never have won it in the first place, gaining mainstream publicity for the WWE championship and WWE as a whole was the only logical reason for putting it on Rock and it all amounted to nothing.

      • Jimmy

        Everyone knew Cena was gonna win but just because he hasn’t held the title for 2 years doesn’t mean he deserves it now. The guy is a 10 time, now 11 time champion he doesn’t need the title. He’ll get draws and main event PPV matches regardless is he has the title or not (e.g when punk was champ) so wouldn’t it be better if they gave someone young like Ziggler the title to give them a push. Cena is good regardless.

  • Facegddsg

    well if swagger lost then maybe swagger will destroy alberto de rio tomorrow night for a ziggler cash in

  • Jonathan

    If there was a time to pull the Steve Austin heel turn at WrestleMania X-7, this would be the time for John Cena. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen.

  • Dustyn

    I give WrestleMania a strong 7/10. Undertaker vs CM Punk was match of the night, and will be a contender for Match of the Year. Rock vs Cena was slow and uninteresting. The end was good, but I just couldn’t get into it. I hope next year if Undertaker has a match, that it is NOT against Lesnar. I feel that it would be uneventful, and there would be limitations. An opponent such as The Rock, Cena, or even Jericho would be much more preferred.

    • Willy Wonka

      Cena/Punk was million times better then Punk/Taker.

      • Xavier

        Cena/Punk from RAW was better then Cena/Rock as well.

    • Xavier

      Cena/Taker hopefully

  • I’ll give CM Punk credit. He put up a great match, but it’s also because of his opponent. Taker had the best match at WM 28, 27, 26, 25 and now 29. He must be doing something right.

    • Mark McMark

      he had the best match at WM 24, 23….

      • Jimmy

        23 would be a tough one to say he had the best match. Cena/HBK was pretty equal but its all a matter on opinion.

  • The Breaker

    I know I am not the first person to say it, but the event was extremely disappointing. The matches themselves were mostly good, but it just feels like WWE went the safe route at every chance they had. It’s beyond irritating that WWE wants you to go in with the expectation that something huge is going to happen, yet they have no intention of taking any risks and you’re left without a single memorable moment.

  • Thanks Richard for the great coverage of the PPV. Love the Richard Reacts comments and while I sit at work down in Australia, I can keep up to date with WM29. This is why I will continue to be a premium member of this great website.

  • Dustin

    Im officially checked out with Cena. Yet another underdog story win. Blah blah blah. Whole PPV had no excitement, it just felt rushed and thrown together from the start. Plus commercials?! Really?! I paid $70 to watch commercials. I am very disappointed right now. Least they could have done is had Ziggler cash in. I mean he lost, again. Ryback lost at another PPV, again. Undertaker wins, again. Everyone goes over clean, no swerves. Just plain poorly done. UGH!!

    • Chris

      You say your checked out but you’ll be watching tomorrow. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it

      • Gary Robert

        I’ll watch RAW b/c its free….but I won’t ever waste money on a PPV again after this waste of $70. SEVENTY DOLLARS!!!

        • Jimmy

          only $30 here in Australia 🙂

    • Gary Robert

      Its amazing to me how much this guy has lost throughout 2012 and into 2013.

  • Stoney

    I remember when Vince wasn’t afraid of taking risks and used to think outside the box, now he always takes the predictable safe route

    • BlazeKing

      It’s mostly because WWE is now a publicly traded company. Back in the days, it was a privately owned company and he could do what he damn well pleased. Now, the investors have a say in what should happen.

      • Gary Robert

        Outcomes being different has nothing to do with stock prices or it being a public company. Its a complete lack of creativity upheld by one man who overrules and vetoes the final say in every match who has lost sight. A show with more drama and shocking events (you can do shocking in PG) creates more interest and in turn, more viewers tuning in.

        • opie

          This comment should have a ton of thumbs ups.

      • Stoney

        He’s surrounded by a creative team of yes men and is completely gutless

  • mark

    Terrible ppv overall I thought.

    • Gary Robert

      Agreed 100%

  • It was a good Wrestlemania. I was not shocked that the three matches that did well, were in fact the three matches that had proper build ups. All in all a 7/10 for me, The matches themselves were good but something was just….missing

    • Gary Robert

      No shit. Like anything interesting whatsoever.

  • lbp365

    Well everything expected I think if the undertaker loose this would b it but kidda figure he would not, and hell no should have lost the world tag team champions r a joke that take too long to end.

  • well done Cena………………….

  • Xavier

    Cena/Rock & Taker/Punk both started off a little slow but really picked up in the middle and the end. Both very good enjoyable matches. Punk’s mocking of the Taker thru out the match was priceless, really enjoyed his antics. Loved the spot during the Cena/Rock math when Cena mocked the people’s elbow once again just to trick The Rock into thinking he got full of himself again. I only wish Cena would of turned heel but nice finish to the conclude their near 3 year feud, that finish is what we should of got last year IMHO. HHH/Lesnar was a very slow paced match that never seemed to pick up.

    ADR/Swagger was pretty average. Swagger’s entrance didn’t even get on TV which I thought was funny, he can kiss his push goodbye (lower midcard for life now were he rightfully belongs). I give props Jericho for putting over Fandango in a solid match. I look forward to seeing what Fandango as to offer. Glad to see Miz pick up the IC title from Barrett, (he’s earned it). Barrett has been floundering a bit with the title. Hopefully Miz can do something with the title. Henry/Ryback was a really fun big man match. Was suprised to see Henry go over. But it was pretty cool seeing Ryback get Henry up for the shell shock. Hopefully going forward Ryback can start picking up some PPV wins here. The tag match was solid as well. Big E did okay for his match, I thought for a second that Bryan was gonna win the same way he lost last year.

    Not really sure where a face Cena goes from here. Looks like the WWE is gonna have to build up some heels for Cena to feud with maybe Cesaro, Fandango, Henry or a returning Christian). A Heel Cena with the title could have had fresh feuds with Ryback, Orton, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan. Who does a Face Cena feud with going forward?

    Solid to good matches but none of the matches were great. I guess I’m with most of ya’ll on this and wished there would of been a swerve somewhere, so in the meantime we’ll just have to wait & see what happens on RAW tonight and going forward.

    • -|AZ|-

      I enjoyed reading this comment 100 times more than I enjoyed hearing Diddy…

      Living Color’s performance was cool, but Diddy totally sucked!!!


  • Gary Robert

    Dear Vince McMahon,
    I want my goddamn $70 back. I can’t believe I allowed myself to think that something other than the pathetic predictable outcomes would actually happen. I’d blame the entire staff of writers but I can’t do that as you have last say and you have simply ruined wrestling for what it should be, which is entertaining and at times shocking. The Streak continued without a payoff for future talent. CM Punk continues to get chants from half the arena even as a heel, Cena wins clean (yawn) and no heel turn even though he continually gets booed out of the arena, and in possibly the stupidest decision in quite some time, the guy you resigned and want to come across as a beast, Brock Lesnar, has now lost 2 of 3 matches that he has participated in. Whoop dee doo. Its time for you to step down (Hunter’s ego still remains a problem b/c he should have known better as well) b/c you have sucked the life out of your own product. Storytelling, which is the backbone of this “entertainment” company is meant to be interesting, exciting and at times shocking. People don’t want to tune in to boring and predictable–that’s true of ANY written show. After this pathetic display, you have lost any chance of ever collecting money from me for a PPV again. I’ll just read the outcomes here on WNW…not that I even need to do that…b/c they’re so damn obvious. Kudos to you for losing sight of what makes your product worth tuning in for.

  • -|AZ|-

    6/10 for me…

    I thought Punk/Taker was the best match of the night, followed by Cena/Rock II and Team Hell NO Vs Zig E (although I would’ve liked seeing THN dropping the titles)

    Overall an average PPV. Lets hope guys like Ziggler, Cesaro and Kofi will now be given a chance to restore their stature as the part timers will now clear out slowly…


  • LeftyTosser

    If I had spent $70 as an actual fan of wrestling I would have been pissed! Watching for free made things a lot easier to handle. For the IWC, remember that Vince is not worried about making you happy, he is only worried about making stockholders and the casual fan happy with this event. The PPV buys, merchandise sales, etc. are all geared in a certain direction and that boat doesn’t need to be rocked just to make us happy. What are we going to do, change channels? We’re in, hook, line and sinker, so he doesn’t have to worry about us going somewhere else. It’s the fan that would stop buying their 1 or 2 PPVs per year and stop buying tee shirts that he is concerned about.

  • JYD

    Too bad Punk had to lose. A victory over Taker may have given him a chance to reach the heights of HHH, Rock, Cena, Stone Cold. Instead, he just lost to a man who wrestles once a year.

  • Simon

    Honestly, I was satisfied with every match except fandango vs Jericho. Jericho losing at wreslemania to a debuter was just stupid. I don’t like cena winning and i do love the rock, but the wwe title is needed on raw. I thought Undertaker deserved to be 21-0 and I will speak cm punk praises for as long as he is here but undertaker deserved to continue the streak. I like team Hell No but did wish ziggler had cashed in maybe if swagger won and them ziggler would have been good cuz i like heel vs heel feud. Richard you have done amazing work, thank you.

    • Luke

      Jericho losing to a debuter is stupid? And why is that? It was a good way to put fandango over without making jericho look weak.

      • Snap

        Jericho is the epitome of what the veteran wrestlers should be in WWE. A loss, especially a clean loss, won’t diminish Jericho in any way but putting over talent can do nothing but benefit the victor. Unlike Cena, who couldn’t even portray an “injury” properly and made Ziggler his bitch through the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. That’s just one of the reasons why Cena will never be as great as Jericho so long as he buys into his own “SuperCena” hype.

  • JYD

    Too bad Punk had to lose. A win over Taker may have put him into the ranks of Cena, Rock, HHH, Taker and Stone Cold. Instead, he has now lost to Cena, Rock, and Taker. Not to mention he didn’t win clean in a good chunk of his title reign PPV matches. I know I will take a lot of heat for this, but even with his extended title reign, I don’t think VKM truly trusted him to be the top guy.

    • Jimmy

      Punk put on a five star match at Wrestlemania and managed to kick out of the tombstone which very few superstars have done so IMO just that alone progressed Punk to a solidified main eventer.

  • _JIM_

    Glad I didn’t drop the $70. Nothing happened that wasn’t expected which is why I saved my cash. I still don’t get the Undertaker not putting Punk over. If there is any chance that Taker may not work next year then he should’ve done the job IMO.

    • Jimmy

      Undertaker will never lose no matter what the IWC thinks. I have a feeling he will have one last match next year against either Cena or Lesnar.

  • Lebron James

    It was a horrible Wrestlemania. I’m not watching the WWE again until that pile of crap Cena turns heel. This company is wasting it’s talent and my time. Same sh*t every week.

  • Some of y’all expectations were TOO high, I mean NO we not in the attitude era and NO Cena did not turn heel, but WrestleMania was a nice show (to me), especially those pyros. Btw I believe the match of the night was Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, straight physical all the way around.
    Undertaker/CM Punk was good
    Rock/Cena II was cool
    Didn’t see all the other matches, but I believe this show did what it was supposed to do, and that is to progress more storylines.

    • Snap

      WrestleMania is actually supposed to be the payoff (end) of storylines, not simply progress them, that’s what all of the other minor PPVs are for. WrestleMania is THE PPV, which is why it largely failed. It doesn’t help that it was preceded by what had to be THE worst Road to WrestleMania in years.

      • Gary Robert

        It also didn’t progress storylines, anyway. It killed Lesnar, got no payoff from The Streak and Cena goes on being boring Cena as usual.

    • Jimmy

      Taker/Punk was definitely match of the night.

  • Kenneth

    I am so glad I torrented that show. If I’d actually paid to watch that I’d be whining harder than Blazeking whines about IZOD staff.

  • They should have called it Predictamania.

    • Jimmy

      Everyone knew the outcomes way before-hand so i agree. But the matches were good so thats a plus.

  • Dan

    I for one enjoyed Wrestlemania. It was predictable but it was good overall.

  • Fluttershy

    Miz vs Barrett: Not bad for the time they were given, but it’s a match that should have been on the main card. They could have left out Diddy and the hype packages for Cena to give both this match and the 8 man tag match time. Cesaro could have done the pre-show. He certainly deserved a Mania match.

    Shield vs Others: Not bad. I’m glad The Shield has a Wrestlemania win under their belts and Big Show staying heel is cool with me. I find it amusing that creative still won’t let Orton turn heel.

    Henry vs Ryback: Meh. I just feel bad for Ryback. This makes 6 PPVs in a row that he has lost. Even if he’s still over, it’s crazy that he’s gone 0-6 on PPV for half a year.

    Hell No vs Zig E: Alright match. I’ve seen better from them, but it was still good and the tease of a repeat of what happened to Daniel Bryan last year was fantastic. I like Hell No, but I kind of wish Ziggler would have picked up the win since he didn’t cash in.

    Fandango: Despite the ugly Lionsault at the end of the match, it was good and Fandango winning was the right move. Kudos to Jericho for once again helping the new guy get over. I like Fandango and I hope this starts some good things for him.

    ADR vs Swagger: Eh. It was a good match, but just not exciting. We really needed a Ziggler cash in to put the final oomph this match needed, but it didn’t happen. Everyone wanted it to happen, so I guess making it happen was “too predictable.” Kind of ironic considering how much of the night went.

    Taker vs Punk: Hands down the match of the night. There’s no contest. Both men were game last night and they put on a hell of a show. Punk doing Old School and the Undertaker style pin was gold. Living Color playing Punk’s theme was just the icing on the cake for what is probably the only truly memorable match from last night.

    HHH vs Lesnar: There were a lot of cool spots in the match, but it could have been more extreme. Nothing too big happened and the finish was too much like Cena’s win over Lesnar back at Extreme Rules. The crowd being tired after Punk/Taker didn’t help either. Overall, good but could have been better.

    Cena vs Rock: Cenawinslol. Seriously, though, Cena winning was the right move, but dang it all creative dropped the ball with the ending. They could have given us something cool and unexpected, but instead we got sappy handshake and torch passing. Lame ending? Lame ending.

    Overall, I’d give it a 6/10. There was some good wrestling, but Undertaker and Punk provided the only truly memorable match of the night. Diddy and the hype videos were boring and unneeded, the 8 man tag match getting cut was stupid, and the event just could have been so much better.

  • chris

    I actually hoped that because of the Shield opening WM, They were gonna intervene in the main event. When Rocky got the late advantage on Cena, they take him out with that triple powerbomb, Cena gets up in a fighting stance… Then he just pins Rock and they all hug and smirk and lift Cena on their shoulders. Now that could have saved the event. But no. Same old shit.

  • Jimmy

    Was hoping for maybe an Orton heel turn but instead they just heeled Big Show again.

    Ryback vs Mark Henry went exactly as i thought it would, i just wanted to see if he would be able to Shellshock Henry.

    Fandango win was probably the most unpredictable, thought there was no way in hell Y2J was going under.

    I wanted Dolph to leave with the Tag Team and WH title so i’m a bit disappointed in the fact that he left with nothing.

    Every other match went how i thought it would, but they were definitely great matches.

  • BobCobb

    I cannot believe some of the comments of people saying they enjoyed this years WM. I’ve been watching wrestling since 85 and this was BY FAR the worst WM of all time, hands down. No twists, no turns, very average matches, and every single one was predictable. If I actually paid to watch it, I would be super pissed. Sorry to those of u that shelled out $70

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for posting your write up, Robert; I thought Wrestlemania 29 was a great event. Taker vs. Punk was easily the best match of the night, but Lesnar/HHH had some great moments too. I work at DISH with a few friends who come over to my place for all the big Pay Per Views, and every person there jumped to their feet when HHH hit that Pedagree on the Steel steps! Those are the moments that made me decide to record WWE events on my DISH Hopper DVR; it records up to 2,000 hours of my family’s favorite shows. I never have to worry about my son deleting WrestleMania 29 to make room for his Pokemon movies.