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Calling all wrestling fans to help a great group of kids live out their dreams of going to WrestleMania and Hollywood as the KIPP AMP Middle School Wrestling Club is looking to take two to three students to WrestleMania 39. 

Victor Taylor Perry is a teacher at KIPP AMP Middle School in Brooklyn, New York and the current advisor of the school’s wrestling club titled “The After School Wrestling Club.”

The club came out as a bonding experience between Perry and his students who had a shared love for professional wrestling. The club went viral on social media as Perry would post videos of his students watching wrestling matches and capturing their reactions. 

Since then many WWE superstars such as Sasha Banks, Carmelo Hayes, Becky Lynch and more have shown their support and praise for the club. 

Banks even stated that she would’ve had a lot more friends in school if her school had a club like this. 

The students in the wrestling club were in for the shock of a lifetime when on May 6 WWE superstar Sasha Banks made a surprise appearance at the school. 

This appearance came about when Banks retweeted a tweet from Perry that showcased the students reaction to her match with Bayley inside Hell in a Cell. Perry noted that that the kids could relate like to the storyline of having a best friend turn on you. 

WWE would then contact Perry and looked to set up a meeting.

“A couple of months passed, I think it was a month and a half, I got a DM from a person from WWE and they were like, 'Hey, WrestleMania is over, Sasha Banks saw this tweet and she wants to come to the school. How can we make this happen? We'll be in New York in four weeks, let's set up some meetings.' We had a couple of meetings and it just happened. May 6, I'll never forget it," Perry continued. [H/T - Fightful]

During her visit with the Wrestling Club she spoke about her brother who has autism and they watched her WWE Evil documentary episode in which she spoke about her mental health. 

"We watched the documentary, WWE Evil, and she struggled with her mental health as far as trying to figure out who she is vs. the character and why she took that break. Her answer that she shared, which was powerful, helped my students realize that their authentic selves can show up in any space that they choose to live in and they have to remember that is their authentic self, regardless of what other people might place upon them or see them as. I thought it was a dope way to answer," Perry added. [H/T - Fightful]

The visit left an impactful mark on the students who are now thinking about what their WWE superstar names and gimmicks would be.

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Perry is looking to continue nurture their love for pro wrestling and give them incentives as he has now set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $15k. He is looking to take two or three lucky students in the club to Los Angles, California in April for WrestleMania 39. 

We at Wrestling News World are asking for our supports and readers to donate any amount that they can to make these kids dreams come true of going to a WrestleMania. 

Click here for the GoFundMe link 

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