Good morning, pro wrestling fans! Kevin here with a quick morning rundown of the news. There's some good stuff here, so let's get into it.

Dusty Classic tournament brackets finalized

Just as we were going to press, so to speak, the WWE NXT Twitter account posted this lovely bit of news - the final brackets for the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic.

The first round features some pretty big match-ups, such as Undisputed ERA's Cole and Strong vs former NXT Tag Team champions Breezango. Also of note is the appearance of a mystery team, named MSK. This isn't some sort of typo or placeholder name - WWE has actually filed for a trademark for "MSK", so whoever this team is, well, that's their name.

Big Show still wants Shaq at WrestleMania

Former WWE Champion The Big Show might not have gotten in the ring during the most recent Raw Legends Night, but he still has one more dream match in him. Talking to WWE UK, Show said:

We did get a taste of this battle of big dudes at WrestleMania 32, when Show and Shaq squared off as entrants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. Both of them were eliminated in early fashion, however. O'Neal is current an NBA analyst for the TNT network, which is also how to AEW Dynamite so... yeah, that's not gonna happen for a while.

WWE planning huge two-hour show for Indian TV market

As someone who works closely with people based out of India, I can tell you first-hand just how starved they are for wrestling content - even before COVID-19 hit. Fortunately, they'll be getting a pretty cool treat from WWE in the form of a two-hour TV special to air on January 26th. That date also happens to be India's Republic Day - so they have that going for them... which is nice.

According to the press release, the event - which will take place in the WWE ThunderDome - will "incorporate stunning elements of traditional and contemporary Indian culture" for a "unique showcase of Indian-inspired action." Also slated to appear on the show are WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, The New Day, Charlotte Flair, and more.

Kenny Omega reveals first AEW game details

In an interview with IGN Japan, current AEW World Champion and guy who is probably playing Street Fighter V as we speak Kenny Omega, revealed what modes we can expect in the upcoming AEW video game - and, sadly, GM mode is not among them (it will be the primary feature of AEW's upcoming mobile game, however).

He did reveal that the game will feature Create-A-Wrestler and Campaign modes, as well as "other unique" options - and that the roster for the game is still being finalized. Also, in news that should surprise literally nobody, Omega revealed that part of him joining AEW to begin with was the condition he be a part of the company's gaming division. 

That's our news for this morning, campers. I'll see you back here later today for more of the day's headlines. Until then... I'm outta here.

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